Deceiving Lincoln

For those who weren't in the room (like GA), here's what preceded the vote to re-appoint HHA Counsel Daglian at the February 7, 2013 meeting.

1- HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia tells Commissioner Greg Lincoln that failing to reappoint Daglian would be "criminal".

2- HHA Counsel Daglian responding to Lincoln that he is legally obligated to follow "contractual law' and that Garcia's contract states the Executive Director is the "sole appointing authority" for the Board's Counsel.

3- Commissioner Mello questioning Daglian about Garcia's contract, and on whose interests he was representing as he negotiated it.

4- Lincoln votes "no" on a new Counsel, after being warned otherwise would be a "criminal act."

5- Daglian was re-appointed to the HHA.  The vote was invalidated by Hoboken Corporation Counsel on February 19, 2013.
Ms. Longo responded...due to the conflict created by Mr. Daglian advising the Board in connection with his own contract as well as the failure to follow proper procedures, the reappointment of Daglian was invalid. 


  1. Thanks for posting that. Folks were a bit harsh to Greg. No one is running that guy. Very bad news for the dark side.

  2. Greg handled himself well. He did what he thought was in accordance with the "law". Greg Lincoln proves once again that he is a law abiding citizen and worthy of a commissioner position. He will make the best decisions for the people. Greg Lincoln has no ulterior motives. He is not in this position to "get" something. Greg Lincoln is polar opposite of Carmelo Garcia. Greg Lincoln is a man while Carmelo is a rodent.

  3. Carmelo and Daglian sure know how to tag team their bullshit.

    Daglian says "In Mr. Garcia's contract, it states clearly...."

    But Daglian and Carmelo refuse to provide the board a copy of that contract.

    Bite the pillow, HHA, Carmelo's going in dry.

  4. if the ByLaws of the HHA state that the Board has appointing authority then I dont see how any subsequent contract between the Board and anyone would change that. The HHA would have to change it's bylaws in order to reflect that contract. And it would seem that it would have to change it's bylaws BEFORE it entered into that contract, or else that Contract is invalid. Interesting here how the HHA seems to have more control over all those contracts and housing units than even an ELECTED Mayor has over the whole City? stinky indeed...


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