Breaking: Doyle's IN!

Congratulations, Jim!

Thank you, Judge Bariso for declaring Jim Doyle an appointed Hoboken City Councilman this afternoon.

That was quite an unwelcome-mat the Petulant Posse rolled out for you at your City Council debut, followed by costly litigation paid for by the Hoboken taxpayer... but all that's behind us now. Or is it?

Rumor is, Beth Mason wants her money back and wants US to underwrite her frivolous litigation, but does she have the chutzpah to bring the tab to the City Council?  GA hopes so, so we can all see   how much she's blown on her trio of hot-shot lawyers (perhaps $1,200/hr).

Stay tuned!


  1. Before she was a walking-talking textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder posing as a city councilman, Mason was a constant source of irritation to every department in city hall, filing one OPRA request after another to uncover....of all things....overcharging of photocopying! Oh the humanity! - she'd sue and sue and settle out of court and get her legal expenses reimbursed.

    She is just bat-shit crazy enough to think that this failed litigation should be somehow reimbursed by the City too.


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