Welcome a Board

top, left to right: Kids First members Tom Kluepfel, Ruthy McAllister and Jean Marie Mitchell getting sworn in as BoE Trustees, bottom:  Peter Biancamano sits one giraffe apart from new member Jean Marie Mitchell

Reform had a terrific night last night, with the swearing in of Kids First members Tom Kluepfel, Ruth McAllister and Jean Marie Mitchell for a 6-3 super-majority on the Hoboken BoE.

GA was in the house along with many other supporters, among them KF campaign manager Deirdre Wall, Greg Bond, Kids First Founder Theresa Minutillo, Steve Feinstein and his lovely wife  Janis, Daniel Cox and his lovely wife Mary Beth, the lovely Eric Kurta, the dapper Horsey, and the three beauties: Carrie Phillips, Liz Mullholland and Phil Cohen.  Also in attendance: Patricia Waiters, Nick Calicchio and Move Forward's Liz Markevitch.

It was a fairly uneventful BoE swearing in and reorganization meeting, except the Old Guard couldn't resist giving Kids First 'the finger'.  (Or as we call it in my house, 'the tall man'.)

When asked for nominations for Board President,  Francis Rhodes Kearns piped up, "I would like to nominate Tom Kluepful" ; Tom hadn't been in his chair long enough to get it warn.  The premeditated stunt  was designed to force the entire Kids First majority to go on record voting against Kluepfel.  Peter Biancamano seconded the nomination.  Carmelo Garcia, Kearns and Biancamano voted for Tom. The others, including Klepfel, voted against.   Whoop-di-doo.

Nice welcome, guys.  Not quite  a Jim Doyle welcome, but did you have to be a**holes right ot of the gate?   You could have shown some class.  

After the Stupid People Tricks were finished,  McAllister nominated Leon Gold for President,  all voted 'Yes' except for Kearns who abstained.  Nice.  Next, Irene Sobolov nominated McAllister for VP.  All voted 'Yes'.

And that was the main event.

GA really hopes the Old Guard is done with the dopey stunts, and all members of this board can work together, focused on our kids- not political games.