Timmy Embarrasses the Jersey Journal

This is not a Photoshop

Folks, the funniest thing going online now is the growing thread of comments below a letter purported to be written by Councilman Tim Occhipinti in yesterday's Jersey Journal: Op-Ed: Can't trust Zimmer to fix a pothole. 

A sample laugh line from 'Tim's' letter:
"...here in Hoboken we are once again dealing with Mayor Dawn Zimmer's incompetence -- this time causing not a single road to be repaved in 2012."
Strange, the Jersey Journal has written numerous articles about 2012's  River Street repaving project  and 2012's $1.1 million bond ordinance to repave Washington, Sinatra Drive, Observer Highway and Newark Streets that Tim KILLED with a 'NO' vote.  All  recent enough to still be fresh in the public's collective memory, hence the drubbing poor Tim is receiving below 'his' Op-ed.

So how does a 'letter' this riddled with bullshit end up in print in the Jersey Journal?

Further, a source has confirmed that 'Tim's' letter was written by the political consulting firm Whitehorse Strategies.  Which backs up the anonymous self-titled 'mole', JournalMole, who posted this on MSV yesterday:
As a mole inside the Jersey Journal...we got it from Whitehorse Strategies.
We didn't fact check it because our editor is buddies with Josh Hennie
This is a true story
Does WhiteHorse Strategies write letters for free?  Where is the 'Paid for by..." verbiage on the Op-ed letter?  Since when does the Jersey Journal post political consultant's campaign literature (and make no mistake, this letter is all about promoting Occhipinti in his next electoral endeavor) without attribution from the entity who PAID for it?

Well, the Jersey Journal has shown signs of embarrassment with this Editorial 'Update' to Timmy's Op-Ed:
 Update: The Journal established that a section of River Street was paved in 2012 using 2011 funds earmarked for the project. The city spokesman said it was not his responsibility to inform the newspaper whether any streets were paved last year.
I think they've got a lot more 'splainin to do. 

In the meantime, Timmy who doesn't take a dump without bragging about it on Facebook, sent out an email blast yesterday which was forwarded to me:
Date: 1/24/13 1:45:40 PM 
From: "Councilman Tim Occhipinti" 

Friends and Neighbors, I just wanted to share an op-ed I wrote that ran in today's Jersey Journal on how the Mayor Zimmer dropped the ball and failed to repave Hoboken's roads last year. This is just the latest example of the Zimmer Administration's incompetence and inability to get things done for our city . http://www.nj.com/hudson/voices/index.ssf/2013/01/op-ed_cant_trust_zimmer_to_fix.html Please let me know what you think. And stay warm out there today! - Tim   

"I just wanted to share an op-ed I wrote..."

You mean, the one your political consultant wrote, and that your accomplice in the fraud, the Jersey Journal published with your name below and NO "Paid for..." verbiage. 

So, WHO paid for the letter?


  1. This has just become a giant clusterfuck for the JJ. There is even a "mole" at the JJ that thinks the situation is so stupid that they outed the reason the dumb letter got published.

    BTW, I heard about the plan to call the Mayor and her "henchmen" incompetent as the strategy of the Old Guard months ago. See Ian Sacs is incompetent, Michael Kates was incompetent, Arch Liston is was incompetent, the list goes on and on. Anyone associated with "this Administration" (if I hear that phrase one more time out of that sock puppet TIMMAY! I will use the Vulcan death grip on him). I laughed then and commented to the person that told me about it (who thought it was just a peachy idea that would gain much traction) that it was a dumb idea. After the Mayor's strong performance with the hospital and Sandy, I didn't think that they would actually continue with this stupid idea and write such an easily discredited piece of crap and have it published so that TIMMAY'S idiocy could be so easily exposed. Even at CC meetings, the word "incompetent" has been flying out of the mouths of the Axis of Stupid, but not to this exceedingly idiotic manner. But let them keep at it. Just burying themselves. They don't even get the irony of calling the Mayor incompetent when Mikey and Teresa "cleared up" 4 million missing quarters. What have any of the Axis of Stupid accomplished that demonstrates their competence?

  2. Henne tweeted about what a swell article it was. Oooooooooops.

    These people still don't get the blogs. Thank God. Morons.

  3. Without fact-checking, Occihipinti's letter is elevated from "letter to the editor" status to an op-ed piece, complete with his first communion photo. Did they even call him to confirm its authorship and give him an opportunity to lie and say he wrote it? A new low for the Jersey Journal. And to add to its surreal nature, we're supposed to believe that he knows who LaGuardia was. The handler's letter quotes the long-gone mayor of NYC's statement about there being no Republican or Democrat way of fixing a pot hole. What they didn't count on is that we all know that Tim, along with his council minority colleagues, have obstructionist ways of NOT fixing a pothole - or anything else for that matter.


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