Tim LIED About CC Meeting Absence

Once again, we have one of the City Council Moron-ity ducking out of a meeting to miss a vote.

Last Wednesday it was Tim Occhipinti, missing a critical vote for a temporary budget to fund city operations including payroll.

Where was Timmy?

Oh, so he was "stuck at work."   Stuck at work.   Is that the name of Tim's bar stool?

In the private sector, if your boss catches you in a bar instead of at a meeting while you're on the payroll, what doe he/she do?

FIRE your ass.  On the spot.

Well?  At least can we dock his pay?

By the way, GA heard that someone called Tim at work that night and he didn't pick up the phone.  Of course not.

They dialed the wrong place.


  1. While I would love to accuse Tim and company of dirty tricks, without proof we can't really say anything.

    No if the witness took a picture with a smart phone (gps tagged and time tagged) then we have something.

    I know people check social media while at work, if not from their work computer then their smart phones.

    As much as I don't like Tim. I worked help desks for over 15 years. There is down time, like while waiting for a clients computer to reboot. There is also reasons to be stuck at work, like you have a client on the phone with a virus, the antivirus tool you sent them is running and you are killing time, but can't leave until you have their computer clean.

    I don't like Tim. I don't trust Tim. But I know the nature of his day job.

    Next time someone catches him playing hooky from his city job, please get the proof.

    1. When it comes to an elected official blowing off a critical vote, I'll put the burden of proof on Timmy to prove he was working.

      Someone called him at work after his Tweet, and he didn't pick up. Why not? Timmy picked up a Tweet from Claire Moses. But not his work phone, when he claimed to be there?

      I will take the word of an anonymous blogger over anyone on the CC minority any day. Their staged absences have become routine and predictable.

      These people are getting PAID to be there, with our money. Enough of these games.

  2. If the man can tweet he is going to be absent b/c of work, he can dial into the meeting from his cell phone or a speaker phone from work.

  3. As someone with over 15 years of IT help desk experience, I can see how Tim could be telling the truth.

    I've watched people access Facebook and Twitter at work. I have let my personal office phone go to voicemail, because I was on the help desk line with a client. I've been late to many things because you don't hang up on a client. I got in scolded once for telling a client I had to go because I was late picking up a 3 year old at daycare.

    Do I believe Tim is telling the truth? No. But I believe he can lie about it and the only way we can do anything about is to have proof.


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