Thin-Skinned Tim: De-friends Rory Chadwick

The following is an unbelievably dopey anecdote.  As a Hoboken resident, it's embarrassing that our elected officials conduct themselves this way.  Here it is, culled from a  Facebook page sent by a reader.

Last night as Rory Chadwick, local businessman-community activist was exiting Benny Tudino's and he had his pic snapped by Carmelo Garcia, Executive Director of the HHA .  Shortly after, Rory's pic was posted by Joe Branco, local businessman, on his Facebook page.

You follow?  Rory has a paparazzi... 

Below the pic, Branco baits Rory in the exchange posted below, "how good was that slice?"

photo credit: Carmelo Garcia

Joseph Branco
Rory Chadwick how good was that slice?
  • Rory Chadwick i was holding open the door for an old lady to get out who had her hands full and then carmelo said smile and took my picture
  • Joseph Branco What old lady? I dont see an old lady in the picture, but I can see the pizza sauce on your

  • Matt Calicchio Isn't this the guy who's been bashing Benny Tudinos the last few days?

  • Rory Chadwick i can criticize all i want, and i can still eat there too. its not right what they do but i wouldn't stop eating there because of their unscrupulous manners.
  • Joseph Branco So you were eating there..
  • Matt Calicchio You just gave yourself up buddy... good job!
  • Rory Chadwick gave myself up? lots of people do things i criticize, i still patronize them, be the better person
    Rory Chadwick  i think tim is a bad politician but im still entering my chili. I think some of the cops in town are shady but i still give to the pba. I enjoy his food and hate his manners. Matt you stalk any 8 yr old today?

As you see, Chadwaick astutely notes that "tim is a bad politician."  

So what do you think happened next?

Councilman Occhipinti de-friends Chadwick on Facebook!  For expressing his opinion of his POLITICAL skills- nothing personal, I am sure.  

What does this entire episode tell you? That certain elected officials in Hoboken conduct themselves like a batch of juveniles and morons.

May they enjoy the new equipment in Church Square Park.

GA was just informed that Timmy de-friended Chadwick BEFORE the Benny Tudino paparazzi incident. Chadwick was De-friended because of a comment he wrote to Tim.

Anyone know what it was?

(Update, 1/3/12 6:15 AM)
Rory C. explained what happened on MSV:
 The comment I left on tim's Facebook wall was about letters posted on local sites that are penned by people without identities and that any of them should be taken with salt. When a story is wrote or a comment is made and someone uses their name, it's one thing because you can ask someone if they said something. If there is no one to ask then why even consider it? There is 0 fact checking capability and I told tim it's unfair to post something that looks an awful lot like a lot of the things he posts on Facebook, lots of similarities in writing styles and one of the pictures from the story looks a lot like one of the pictures Tim shared in early November.

I've engaged tim on lots of things in the past and while he never agrees with anything I say, he at least responds. Here I suggested that the story, picture and flow looked very familiar to me. I also went on to say that he should stop telling everyone he is pro business, he posts about shopping local yet he votes to allow free street parking for the holidays that will hurt us all and he voted no for new Hop buses that can distribute the community better to hoboken, its businesses and municipal offices. You cant say you love local business and then vote on everything that will hurt businesses.

I called him out on his bullshit about businesses and the letter online and put him on the spot, I awaited an answer. 4 hours later I clicked his name and he deleted me, so did a bunch of his closest pals. The guy is full of it. He knows who wrote that letter and it wasn't no Kathy or whatever name is associated with. I doubt he will read this, no cameras around to take his picture while reading this blog.


  1. Now if this was all set in Junior High School featuring the Student Council their behavior would be completely understandable.

  2. d'oh! the FB thread gets better: check out branco's reply to horsey:

    "Again, for the LAST TIME!!!! I had nothing to do with that truck for thoses days and times that video was played, nor did I have a hand in making those videos. Nor was my opinion asked about the videos or hiring the truck. Nor do I know who hired the truck or made the videos. Especially the one that had your graphics on it. This is the last time I tell you. The next time you or your friend associate me with that truck while those videos were being played you and her will be SLAPPED with a defamation law suit. This is your LAST WARNING..."

    at least he admits it would be a SLAPP suit.

    1. Yeah, a bunch of people sent me screenshots.

      Someone needs to tell that guy that SLAPP stands for "strategic lawsuit against public participation" and YES, choosing to engage in politics, running a dirty campaign, then suing the victims who hold you accountable in order to silence them- that would be a SLAPP. This loudmouth needs to know who has the actionable defamation claim here. It ain't him.

      Spouting threats on a public forum? Pretty shocking. Is he trying to scare people silent?

      Perhaps Horsey has heard from him, but I for one have never heard a word from him with respect to anything he finds objectionable on this blog. As far as I know nothing here is objectionable since he has never complained to me. Nor have I have ever received a retraction request for anything I've written. Lobbing threats doesn't count. And lobbing them at a victim of his campaign's Nazi Truck!

      Let's hear your complaint, Mr. Branco. Please be specific. If you like I'll post it unedited.

    2. Nancy here is my response;
      I had absolutely nothing to do with that truck for those days and times those videos was played, nor did I have a hand in making those videos. I was never asked my opinion about making the videos or hiring the truck. The first time I heard about the truck was the night of the BOE meeting.

      As far as my commercial is concerned I hired and paid Pete Ramano from Local Joey. He made the commercial and he hired the woman to do the voice over. I just gave him the text. I never meet her, nor do I know who she is. You can give Pete a call and ask him for her name and number so you can ask her if she did the voice over for the truck video. You can also ask her who hired her so you can finally put this to rest.

      And for the record, I would NEVER use that graphic imagery in any shape or form. My kids are half Jewish, which makes my wife Jewish, which makes my Mother in-law Jewish and her Mother, my wife’s Grandmother who is still alive at 92 years old Jewish, and who was alive during the holocaust. And to top it off, I was also a Shabbos goy growing up in Williamsburg. I also helped build sukkots out of wood and bamboo every year during the harvest season. I respect the Jewish faith a little more than you considering you are Jewish and YOU are the one who used that imagery to depict another Jewish American for political satire.

      And as far as the “SLAPP” comment is concerned I know what it means, it was a play on words. I will however slap you and him if you continue to make false statements about me and that video and hiring that truck to display those videos. That is a promise.
      So Nancy you can spin it all you want, It doesn’t change the fact that I had nothing to do with that video or hiring the truck to display your distasteful imagery that YOU created. You keep forgetting to tell everyone that it is YOUR IMAGE!

      Food for thought:
      Nancy, If you never created that imagery of Beth Mason,
      Roman would not have copied you and created his own version of H411Perry’s,
      ________________ (unknown) would have never made the videos about your distasteful imagery,

      The public could have been spared, and not reminded of a dark part of history that most people want to forget.

      So I hope you are proud of yourself.

    3. Fair enough, Joe.

      You were welcome to provide your point of view anytime, long ago in fact- this story is 2 months old- if you disagreed with any commentary here. Curious that you did not.

      Anyway, I gave your comment it's own post so more people will read it. I will let your statement speak for itself and others to assess it as they will.

      Again, if you have specific requests with respect to publications on this blog email them, or if you prefer a dialogue in the public square, that's okay too.

      GA supports a free and open exchange of ideas and opinion here. I'll always give you mine, based on what I know to be true, what I believe to be true, and credible sources which include local media.

      Sticks and stones, we live in a great country.

  3. How could so many toxic people end up in one place?

  4. Since when is Joe married? I heard he was engaged just before he announced he wasn't going to run for the 6th ward seat (dodged a bullet there reform). Why did anyone (public and private) ever trust this guy?

  5. Yeah Tim blocked me on Cory Booker said on Jon Stewart even though he gets a lot of trash on Twitter he uses it to hear about broken pot holes and such....Tim obviously just wants that glass bubble of supporters....Tim will fix what he is told to fix by his handlers...Nice not voting for the hop, 4th Ward needs it, not that he cares....

  6. This whole episode in Hoboken politics is sophmoric. Actually is below 4th grade level idiocy and pettiness. Grown men snapping pictures and taunting someone on Facebook about sauce on their shirt? WTF? People with way too much time on their hands and not enough grey matter to matter.

  7. What's Carmelo Garcia doing running around playing candid-camera games? Don't his school board, housing authority and freeholder-aide positions keep him busy enough? This seems pretty inappropriate.


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