Ramos vs. Timmy

Folks, GA believes the scuttlebutt on MSV's Grist for the Mill; that there is a Cold War of sorts between the Old Guard's presumptive mayoral nominee, Ruben Ramos and that ambitious Dark Sider, Tim Occhipinti.

According to MSV, Ruben Ramos appears to have already lined up his at-large slate, and the tension between him and Tim at a recent Carpe Diem mixer was palpable. 
According to witnesses on the scene, the two had nary a word for the other.  "They don't talk, they hate each other," one source said matter of fact.  "There's bad blood there," adding it wasn't clear when the falling out took place. 
GA can tell you, Timmy may run.

How do I know?  Because one is more likely to find him at Mensa than the BoE.   But there he was, last Tuesday-at a School Board meeting with parents in tow.  And there's a pic he posted on Facebook captioned "Parent teacher conference at Cucharamama!"

Personally, I hope Timmy gets the nomination.  

No offense to Ruben, but there just aren't as many comic possibilities with him- not compared to the Occhipinti Goldmine.  Ruben has actual accomplishments, Tim has Facebook.  Ruben comports himself with decorum, Tim needs a binky and a mouthful of Xanax to keep him from spitting out non sequiters, shifting around and mumbling under his breath at the City Council.   And texting? Ruben's on a Blackberry, Timmy's got Fischer-Price. 

 Let's face it, Timmy's the better candidate.