One Eye, the Sequel

Eeeeeeeeeew (not my eye, btw)
Starring in One Eye, the Sequel is GA, who slept in her contact lenses last Friday and woke up a Cyclops.  Not as exciting a tale as my super-sleuth, One Eye, who lost his on a rhinoceros horn in Africa (and not as permanent).

But the left lens overstayed its welcome in my left eye, and infected my cornea.... which is quite painful, think hot-poker jabbing your eye or washing your eye in gravel.  Anyway, it's my fault and a cautionary tale to contact-lens wearers out there.

Why am I telling you this? Because GA is going to refrain from blogging today.  Stay warm!


  1. I used to wear contacts and I tried the weekly type. I should have given my eyes a day or two rest but it was so easy, then my left blew up. At the optometrist looked like a kaleidoscope. Never wore them again.


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