"Nazi Truck VOICE Reappears"

That's according to a GA reader who sent me a link to a commercial for a local Hoboken business.  Last week.

GA didn't get around to listening to the audio until today. I played the commercial and the Nazi Truck audio a couple of times.

My opinion?

The female voice has a distinctive raspy texture and her annunciation of 's' is the same.

Conclusion: GA believes the same person narrated both 'commercials'- the Nazi Truck and the local Hoboken business. I've posted both audio files below.

What do you think?

Commerical Audio -View on Facebook

Nazi Truck Audio

Pssst- the Facebook commercial (with audio) was published in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and downloadable.  You can see the 'embed video' code invites the public to post on "any site on the web".

Facebook: "You can use the code below to display the video on any site on the web."

Now what does this mean?

Remember,  no one has claimed responsibility for the truck publicly, though numerous associates and other credible sources have ratted them out to GA.  

Now one of who was identified to GA as arranging the Nazi Truck appears to be using the Nazi Truck video producer to advertise his Hoboken business.  Well, what are the chances of that happening?

If one has sh*t-for-brains, the chances are pretty good!  

That Nazi Truck producer is Beth Mason operative Tim Brendel, who filmed and produced the Nazi Truck video.

left: Mason operative Tim Brendel films GA at the ZBA for the Nazi Truck video while proud Pappa Barry Brendel naps in the back. right: the Nazi Truck film shot by Brendel at the ZBA

GA has a funny story about the Brendels, as relayed by a friend.  In a nutshell, Junior showed up to film him at a few meetings while Dad contacts him periodically, trying to nurture a business relationship. And my friend had no idea they were related until he read about them on GA.

Quite an act those Brendels have going.  Junior. is dispatched to videotape future Nazi Truck video victims, while Dad woos said victim(s) for future work!  Like the spider buying the fly a drink while wrapping him in silk.  You can't make this stuff up.

Since outed by GA, Brendel Sr. seems to haven taken over filming public meetings for his baby boy.  Let's see who shows up to film for Mason at the City Council tonight- Poppa or his Baby Boy.

Anyway, I am a Curious Gal, so if anyone can provide the name of this voice-over talent, perhaps we can hire her for a future commercial.  Did you know a mayoral race is coming in 2013?

Now if only the incumbent an find an opponent.  Don't do it, Ruben! 


  1. Definitely. The phrasing is identical.

    1. The evidence keeps piling up, doesn't it?

      One wonders if our Jewish community leaders will ever get an apology for the Nazi Truck.

  2. Room 84- For all of your Nazi Truck needs.


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