Mason Gallery Presents "Courtroom Art"

Did you folks notice this ad in Beth Mason's page-3 parking spot?

Does anyone else find it funny that the most litigious member of the City Council - possibly the most litigious living person in all of Hudson County- is hosting an exhibit of Courtroom Art?

Yep, it's true.   
Courtroom Art is brought to you by Beth Mason, who advertised her way into 14th place as 'Hudson County's Most Influential with a steady page-3 revenue stream to the Hoboken Reporter.   Here was the HR's explanation why Mason was even more influential than #15, U.S. Congressman Albio Sires:
"Just because she lost (the BoE race), doesn’t mean she lacks influence (bwaa-haw-haw). She has been active in her civic duties for years, funding arts groups (and law suits) and starting an art gallery in Hoboken. During Hurricane Sandy, her civic league provided a generator and food at the uptown Hoboken headquarters. The league went on to fundraise for Hudson County with the creation of HudsonCountyRecovers, an organization Mason got flack for at council meetings because it’s countywide instead of citywide". . (she was forced to bus seniors from Hoboken for freebie dinners to fill empty charis at the charity's Secaucus fundraiser) 
Jeez, I hate to quibble with Al Sullivan when he's extolling Mason's generosity to Hoboken but Mason's Civic Center did NOT give out food during the hurricane.  According to a puff-piece in the, "a coffee stand was installed." 

 Mason serves coffee- NOT food, not even a cookie   credit: Dina Abdel-Haq l The Bridge
Food was served at the Elks Club across the street.

As for the Big Red generator, it was running lights, copy machines and computers in the Move Forward campaign HQ at 1200 Washington Street.

Does anyone think that Mason brought Big Red up from Georgia for her neighbors when she couldn't even give them a frigging cookie at her coffee stand?   Sandy hit on October 29- the election was on November 6.  That's what the generator was there for.  Certainly, with the money she throws around to paralyze Hoboken government and snuff out free speech, she could have given her cold, hungry neighbors a teeny-tiny cookie with that cup of brew.

And the HR left these off of #14's civic duties: employing "bully" Matt Calicchio to harass School Board Trustee Theresa Minutillo in the presence of her 5 year-old daughter, running a 501(c)(3) that's never filed an income and expense report with the DCA and a charity that's sponsoring Mayor Turner's 527 political organization, Weehawken and You Civic Association.(the charity is believed to have raised almost nothing; her big Secuacus fundraiser was a bomb of Hiroshima proportions.)

But I digress...

At the time Mason's Courtroom Art exhibit opened,  the Hudson Superior Court Appellate Division rejected the Council minority's appeal to overturn a Hudson Superior Court order for all to vote on Jim Doyle's council appointment- that's according to MSV:  
The decision coming at the end of last week according to sources close to the county court means the original court order in December calling for a full vote of all council members last month will be held after the written decision is distributed. 
GA wishes Mason's Courtroom Art Show would include a sketch of the Appellate Court judges rolling with laughter at  Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano's grounds for appeal:  comparing themselves to Bush vs. Gore and citing "irreparable harm" if they are forced to vote on filling Carol Marsh's vacancy.

Well, you know GA loves courtroom artIt's a powerful, evocative art form that reduces the human drama within the courtroom to a few strokes.  It takes a great deal of skill to master.   

GA likes to sketch, so am working on my own courtroom art exhibit for 2014.  

My series of courtroom sketches  are for hearings, indictments, trials and sentencings which haven't taken place yet.  Some may never.  But art is a discipline, and one must work, work, work to improve,  while our law enforcement friends must work, work, work to follow the money. 
GA's page-3 ad for my 2014 Courtroom Art exhibit at Gallery 1200.


  1. The 41 to 14 move can only be explained as a favor from the Reporter to their most favored account. The reasons are threadbare. If anything they suggest a lack of influence.

    -People did not go to her charity event.
    -No figures are available on money raised.
    -Her BOE ticket lost.
    -She had to avoid endorsing the ticket to give it a chance to win.
    -Making coffee is not influence.

    But I'm sure Lindsay Joe-han is happy to be off the front page of GA for a day.

  2. Check your mailbox GA, there is a lovely letter from Beth in it.

    I emailed her through her website asking to removed from her mailing list...

    1. Thanks but I didn't get it. Please try again:

    2. GA

      Your inbox barter upon receipt. Lol

  3. Aarrrrggghhh. Spellcheck! I meant "Barf.ed" damnable spell check wont let me type bar.f. Betty boopless eveb censoring spellcheck. Lol


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