Facebook: The Tim War

No, no... too soon!  Put him BACK!
Moving on from Nazi Trucks and litigation threats, how about some Facebook fisticuffs starring everybody's favorite rodent, Punxsutawney Tim?

Here's the story.

On January 1, 2013 Hoboken411 posted one of his fake letters: "What is Wrong with Mayor Zimmer of Hoboken, NJ?"  allegedly by a 'playground mom' named 'Kathy P'. (Notice the title was written for maximum search engine returns)

Nice letter. Take a bow, Kathy P.!
Well, this one was such a screaming fake, I couldn't get the image of Klaussen in a dress out of my mind... you know,  wearing one of those vintage 50's house dresses, hunched over the keyboard, tap-tap-tapping away as Hoboken Hausfrau Kathy P.

 Yep, that Hoboken411 letter was a scream- an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink litany of disjointed themes: from Zimmer's hair to her makeup to her "cheap-lookin attire" to parks to pumps...

Well, it was so unconvincing and moronic, look WHO promoted the "Hoboken mom"and linked to it:

What a surprise!  D'OH....

Anyway... (and GA missed this part) apparently Rory Chadwick, Hoboken businessman and community activist, ripped Tim on his Facebook page for endorsing Klaussen's fake letter.   What happened next?

Timmy deleted all of Chadwick's posts and De-friended him!

Well, Chadwick had something to say about all this on his Facebook page.

He opened up a can of whoop-ass on Tim and tried to convince a believer that her 4th Ward Councilman is not all that and a bag of chips.   Funny, Rory says he "likes" Tim.  My favorite Rory line:

"When the FBI comes to town and swoops him up, let's revisit this, ok?"

This exchange is quite long, but some of it's laugh out-loud funny.  But Rory contacted me to say the page had been posted privately. So I pulled it.

Too, bad. But here's what Rory had to say:

Tim Occhipinti, a council person in town defriended me today? He posted a story about how Dawn Zimmer and its relation that she is wrong about everything. The story was a letter wrote by a resident who uses a first name and a last initial. I pointed out the letter is wrote in the same style as many other stories wrote in the past, all penned under a multiplex of names.

As a writer it's very easy to read what people write online about each other and connect who is who, even if using a different name. At the same time I pointed this out I went on to tell him he is no saint either. In recent months he has been speaking about promoting business in town but then at city council meetings everything that is pro business in town he votes no on. We have no new HOP buses thanks to him, he wanted to ruin holiday parking for businesses. He is all say one thing and do another, a complete phony.

I call him out by telling him that some of us post on local sites using our real names, very few of us, self included and anyone that uses anything but their actual full name should be taken with a grain of salt.

Instead of replying to my post, he just deletes me? He can't be a man and respond. Tim, if you're going to be a representative of the town, don't delete people on Facebook so you can run and hide in a shed from public criticism. I speak my mind all the time and people criticize me and I explain my feelings and we open a form of communication, I don't just slam the door shut and put my tail between my legs.

Tim Occhipinti has proven to me today that he is full of shit and can't take opinions as an elected official. He is a coward, plain and simple. At least when i criticize others, and i've criticized both reform and old guard people, at least other people don't delete me, sometimes they respond or sometimes i'm ignored. But to hide like a little coward and remove my posts because I put his nature in the limelight is depressing.