Dark Horse in the Lead?

Is it true?

The latest scuttlebutt GA's heard from a few different places is this: Union City Mayor Brian Stack is seriously considering  Frank Raia for that coveted Assembly slot on his ticket!  Yep, Farmer Frank.

Wow. GA's calling him the Dark Horse candidate,  but what do I know?

According to Al Sullivan there are four contenders for Stack's ticket: Beth Mason, Ravi Bhalla, Michael Russo and Frank Raia.  Now, I never took Mason seriously-  but a Dark Side source thought her ability to write a million-dollar check would rule the day.  GA hears that is not happening, that Mason is OUT.

But Pupie?  He wants out of Hoboken?  He's congenial enough for sure, and got all his marbles- unlike Mason.  But what does he bring to the ticket?   He's never been a huge vote-getter. 

Bhalla comes with a large voting base in and outside of Hoboken.  He brings diversity to the ticket, and proven fundraising ability to offset Frank's deep pockets.

Well, who knows.  I am not sure how Mike Russo got on Sullivan's list. Why would Stack pick him?


  1. Aside from all of the other issues Raia has (school board member receiving 100k contracts, vbm issues/investigation etc...), is Stack aware that as treasurer for Move Forward, Raia violated municipal pay to play/ election laws to the tune of 7k?

    Stack is going to have egg on his face if he goes with that dark horse. Raia's issues are going to be all over the press.

    1. All over what press? The press that gets snarky when asked to fact check an Op-Ed? The press that named Beth Mason #14 in influence in the county and ahead of our congressman?

  2. Stack better mind his Ps and Qs, if he puts Russo on that ticket. It seems lots of people around Russo get federal indictments.

  3. Why would Stack consider Mike Russo?


    Michelle Russo is already on the Union City Board of Education payroll.

    All aboard the gravy train. Be prepared to sell your soul.

  4. Bob,

    Stack doesn't need to worry about federal indictments.

    FBI have raided Union City hall twice in the last 2 years--the most recent occurring November 2012.

    All it takes is one phone call from Menendez and Stack avoids being implicated.

    As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.

    - John Dewey

  5. Still disgusts me that one man has so much power to "pick a slate" (no primary here!) and then use money and ol'timey Hudson County nonsense to get them elected.


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