Council Minority Sabotage Hoboken Flood Charity

A friend who lives in the 3rd Ward was telling me he hasn't heard a peep from Michael Russo about the $5,000 maximum grants being given by  His home was devastated; unlivable for weeks.  He is certainly eligible for some assistance.

Tim Occhipinti, who doesn't fart without posting a picture of it on Facebook, hasn't told his 1,952 Facebook Friends they may be eligible for financial aid from  To his credit, Twittering Tim tweeted the good news on January 7.   But certainly, many more of his constituents who may be eligible for grant assistance are not reading Timmy's tweets.     

Beth Mason?  Has she sent out a Dear Neighbor letter to the 2nd Ward about the grant program for Sandy victims?  No, she's too busy raising money for Weehawken, Union City, Jersey City and Bayonne.  And giving her business to Secaucus for a gala that required bus loads of Hoboken seniors to fill its empty chairs.  (Did you know, the December 20, 2012 event had a media table?  GA didn't see any media coverage, did you?)  While Mason fronts a charity sponsoring Mayor Richard Turner's 527 political organization, Weehawken and You Civic Association, her constituents struggle to recover.  For some, a grant could make a difference.

Terry Castellano?  She sat up on the dais with Mason at her gala. Has she done a damn thing to spread the word about RebuildHoboken's grant program in the 1st Ward?  Has she?

GA has not only noted these four have kept their needy constituents in the dark about available grant money.

But by not informing their constituents, they are also suppressing donations by keeping potential donors out of the loop, and by not urging friends and neighbors who CAN  to GIVE.

And speaking of those who can, how about the uber-wealthy Mason whose PAC, Friends of Beth Mason gave $7,000 to Move Forward, and an unknown in-kind contribution of 1200 Washington Street for Move Forward's headquarters?  And the use of her political operatives,videographer Tim Brendel who filmed GA for the Nazi Truck video, and Flounder-Boy, who ran the ill-fated Nazi Truck operation that lost the election for Move Forward.  Some have estimated Mason invested up to $60K on the BoE campaign (WHO paid for the Nazi Truck and the midnight fliers?)

So, did the biggest financial backer of the Nazi-Truckin' Move Forward campaign donate to  That's a question.  GA doesn't have the answer.

 Okay, now for the obvious.

Want to know why Mike Russo (who called the entire city on Christmas Eve to tell them he "will be making a monetary donation in the name of Hoboken residents to Sandy relief efforts across the state"), Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti and Theresa Castellano are actively trying to sabotage the charity

Here it is:

What the hell is wrong with them?  Wishing to suppress donations and help for their own constituents because they don't like the mayor.

My friend Phil Cohen put it to them this way: "in your quest for power, you have lost all perspective". 


While four of our own elected officials work collectively to sabotage the City's efforts for Hoboken Sandy victims, the application deadline has been extended so that more may have a chance to apply as donations grow.

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