Charity Begins at Home

Amidst reports that a known Beth Mason operative was "extremely abusive" to a Hoboken elected official at last week's HHA meeting, two other known Beth Mason operatives showed up with their cameras last night at City Hall and... you guessed it!  Filmed GA for (perhaps) another Nazi Truck production.

Yep, the Brendels were there: Father (Barry) and son (Tim)- both filming this time!

Do they do this for free?  Unlikely.  So, if she spent a couple of bucks to have these schmoes point cameras at a public meeting, wouldn't that money have been better spent on a donation to

Has Mason donated to this Hoboken charity at all?  She is quite generous to political campaigns outside of Hoboken.  Why not be generous to Hoboken residents recovering from Hurricane Sandy?

Take a look at how generous Elizabeth Mason has been to politicians and PACs recently, then ask yourself why she's ignored the grant program for distressed Hoboken Sandy victims,



  1. She must know where her husband buried the bodies, cuz the money sure ain't comin' from any of her earnings. After just a bit of poking around the internet, it seems that the as the SVP of business development at Levine Huntley (i.e., she was the person responsible for actually drumming up business) the company had to fold due to lack of business. Then, as the President of Friedman Benjamin Advertising, they wound up having to shell out $993k for false advertising when they represented Wilkinson Sword. And I can't see how her current nonexistent company generates any revenue either. In essence, she's an out and out loser, and anything she touches turns to sh*t. So make sure she keeps her hands off Hoboken!!!


  2. My back of the envelope between the last two postings reflects about $120K in political contributions. That buys a lot of friends, right?


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