Branco: "please refer all questions to the campaign treasurer..."


Until someone in the Move Forward campaign leadership takes 'credit' for and/or repudiates The Nazi Truck, everybody owns it.

Everybody means the candidates, the campaign managers (John Castellano, Joe Branco), the treasurer (Frank Raia) and the presumed financier (Beth Mason) and her political operatives.

Only one person on the Move Forward campaign has stepped forward publicly to discuss the Nazi Truck- here on GA  Joe Branco.  He said, "I was never asked my opinion about making the videos or hiring the truck."     That means: (1) he was excluded from discussions the campaign had about the making Nazi Truck video and hiring the Nazi-Truck or (2) he was there but no one asked for his opinion.

Either way, there's more he's not saying.  Like, "I'm sorry." 

So WHO  should we refer our questions to about the Nazi Truck?

 Frank Raia!  Are you sure?

Okay, we won't make you repeat yourself.

Here are my thoughts.  Nazi Trucks are not Frank's style.  Frank is  not a nasty son-of-a-bitch who would get off on such a low road stunt, one that was so offensive to the general public.  Frank is a nice guy.  I've heard the Raias quietly do charitable works around Hoboken, without press releases or marching bands.  I don't believe Frank thought the Nazi Truck was a great idea.

No, this came from the Mason people.  Mean-spirited, vindictive.  Politically toxic.

That said, Raia owns it like everybody else on the Move Forward campaign.  It's a stain on everyone until someone denounces it.

Thank Beth Mason.

Questions for the "campaign treasurer whose signature is on the ELEC reports":   
Where on the Move Forward ELECs are:
  1. the expenses paid for the Nazi Truck? 
  2. the expenses paid for the citywide midnight flier: design, production and distribution? 
  3. Mason's videographer who made the Nazi Truck video? 
  4. Mason's fishy political operative who orchestrated the Nazi Truck stunt?  
  5. the $6,617 refund to Friends of Beth Mason?
  6. the in-kind contributions from Beth Mason for use of 1200 Washington Street?


  1. branco showing his loyaty and commitment once again.

  2. Whenever any one associated with the sleaze fest, otherwise known as Move Forward, sticks their hand up to venture out into the political world, they will always be tarred and feathered with the Nazi Truck. What a great start to the political career of the younger Castellano, and what a great ending to any political aspirations of JB. The Poopster, well, I hear that he is fuuuuurrrrriiiiioooouuuusssss at Betty Boopless and her chum bait minions as he was adamant that the Nazi Truck be pulled, but was out voted. I really want someone to rat out the names of the Move Forward candidates who voted at that meeting to keep the Nazi Truck going. Maybe JB will come clean, at least on that score. But as for the Poopster, he is the treasurer, and he is still sticking his head in the ground hoping that the Nazi Truck will not be his political swan song, channeling his inner Cleoptra, the Queen of DeNial.

  3. Heard JB went apeshit at the HHA meeting tonight.

  4. Come back, Frank. This just doesn't sound like something he would sign up for.

    As for Bruno & Mason, I don't suppose anyone wastes any more time wondering what they aren't capable of.

  5. They are all tainted by that truck and their silence on who specifically did what and the lack of financial disclosure coming out of that campaign makes them all look even worse. Longer it takes for accurate information to be disseminated, the worse they all look.


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