Zimmer at U.S. Senate Hearing- Live at 10 AM- UPDATED

(Updated 10:30AM)

Wow- Chairman Landrieu just gave these numbers (current to today):

Businesses destroyed 
265,000 NY  (Sandy)
189,000 NJ  (Sandy)
18,700 LA  (Katrina)

Small Business Loans  (SBA)
New York
2498 applications received
68 approved
9 disbursed

New Jersey
2474 applications received
105 approved
 12 disbursed

Average loan (Sandy) is  $13K
Average loan (Katrina) was $1,116

Mayor Zimmer is on the Second Witness Panel- Schedule and Live Stream here.

NJ Senator Menendez testifies at the U.S. Senate Committee for Small Business and Entrepreneurship hearing this morning, where Mayor Zimmer will appear later.


Mayor Zimmer will appear before a U.S. Senate Committee for Small Business and Entrepreneurship hearing this morning starting at 10 AM to discuss the impact of Hurricane Sandy on Hoboken's small business community and the recovery challenges we face.

The purpose of the hearing is to "to examine Hurricane Sandy, focusing on assessing the Federal response and small business recovery efforts. 

You can  LIVE STREAM it  here. 

Zimmer will have the ears of the Committee members, 10 Democrats and 9 Republicans who are as follows:
Chair - Mary L. Landrieu (LA)
Carl Levin (MI)
Tom Harkin (IA)
 John F. Kerry (MA)
Joseph I. Lieberman (CT)
Maria Cantwell (WA)
 Mark L. Pryor (AR)
 Ben L. Cardin (MD)

Ranking Member - Olympia J. Snowe (ME)
David Vitter (LA)
James Risch (ID)
Marco Rubio (FL)
Rand Paul (KY)
Kelly Ayotte (NH)
Mike Enzi (WY)
 Scott Brown (MA)
Jerry Moran (KS) 
Senator David Vitter! Wow, he's still around?  GA still remembers Diaper-gate from 2007... you know, Vitter was/is one of those finger-wagging hypocrites who rails against gays and gave Clinton hell back during the Lewinsky-days but behind closed doors let his hooker dress him up in diapers.

 Conservative US Senator David Vitter fought for the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. He was vocal in critcizing those who objected to the Conservative-led impeachment of Bill Clinton .Vitter also replaced Bob Livinston who was exposed for having numerous affairs while leading the Louisiana delegation and running to replace the Speaker of the House. He has run as a tough family values God fearing Republican trotting out his wife Wendy and four kids to show what a good Christian man he is referring frequently to the fact that he and his wife are rectors in their church.

Then his name appeared among the thousands on the DC Madam's phone list. According to a Canal Street Madam he is a good guy, not freaky or kinky like some others and his wife should forgive him. Other prostitutes disagree. See Louisiana's Senator likes to wear diapers. Wonkette ran the story based on a story in Louisiana blog YRHT (Your Right Hand Thief ) which had this to say.

Wonkette linked to the YRHT post that aired rumors about Vitter's supposed diaper fetish.  Then, James Carville might have mentioned it on CNN this afternoon.
GA loves Wonkette, a sassy girl-blogger:..

Did I get off-topic?

GA just cant resist a Bible-thumping Republican Legislator sex scandal.  Diaper-gate was before Senator Larry Craig, another homophobe, took a "wides-stance" in a Minneapolis airport bathroom.
 Larry Craig wasn't the only man arrested cruising for sex in a public toilet at the Minneapolis airport. He wasn't even the first man arrested in that particular restroom on that particular day. Forty other men were arrested as part of the same sting operation. We heard about Craig's arrest to the exclusion of all the others because Craig had the misfortune of being the only sitting U.S. senator arrested in that particular bathroom. Craig claimed his innocent actions that day were misconstrued. The toe tapping? A nervous leg. His foot sliding under the divider and nudging the foot of an undercover officer? That was Craig's "wide stance," the senator insisted, an excuse that didn't pass the, er, smell test. Very few people are aware the "wide stance" is something of an epidemic in Minneapolis. Most of the other men who were busted, like Craig, slid their feet under the stalls, wide-stance style, and nudged the undercover officer's foot. It's just one of the subtle signals that men seeking anonymous public sex in toilets send each other.  
Here is Senator Craig's recipe from 'Congress Cooks', called the Super Tuber.  I am NOT making this up- see for yourself.  Basically, it's a hot dog having sex with a potato.   You have to lube the hot dog first, of course- with butter or shortening.  

When the hot dog is all the way in the potato like this, you cook it.

Sick bastard!  

Why not just cook the hot dog and the potato separately then eat them together?  Why get freaky with the potato?

I am telling you, we have some freaks making the laws for this nation.

Well, thank goodness not ALL of them are. The ones Mayor Zimmer will be meeting with in a matter of minutes are in a position to help Hoboken.  The Mayor is our voice in Washington D.C. today.

Good luck, Mayor.  And stay away from the guy in diapers.


  1. i'm guessing there's someone on hudson st who is absolutely fuming right now..."it shoulda been ME going to washington and being in that national spotlight, it shoulda been ME!!!"

  2. Yes you are off topic about Vitter. Not related to Hoboken or NJ or even current like this Senator with an illegal alien on his staff with a record as a sex offender:


    It's not old news either.

    1. Well excuuuuuuuuse me! It's MY blog, so get back to the barn!

      Menendez is a BAD boy, for sure.

      My beef is with hypocrites; politicians who proselytize about morals and virtues, try to restrict the rights of others while engaging in behavior they condemn others for.

      That's my beef. And with bossy horses.


  3. Democrat Bob Menendez this week:
    1) http://www.hudsonreporter.com/view/full_story/21110819/article--AP--Intern-in-Menendez-s-office-is-allegedly-an-undocumented-immigrant--registered-sex-offender-?instance=up_to_the_minute_hoboken
    2) http://www.hobokenrevolt.com/profiles/blogs/bergen-insurance-broker-sentenced-to-five-years-for-illegal

  4. In just the past month:
    Democratic machine run Detroit:
    Democratic Mayor Tony Mack indicted:
    Detroit Democratic council woman calls for illegal quid pro quo:
    Bergen County Dems:
    Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr. corruption:
    Democratic Dept of Energy corruption:

    1. ss1959 on fire!!! Grab a hose, it's a 5-alarm!


    2. There were 2 Republican stories in the same time frame. That's 2 vs. 8. I'm not sure about Eagle Rock Cal (pot for votes):
      Any thoughts?

    3. Here are my thoughts. Politicians are a lusty bunch. I could care less what they do in their private lives, as long as no depravity is involved (children, animals, potatoes, etc.)

      Governor Eliot Spitzer was terrific, so was Congressman Anthony Weiner- I could care less about their sex lives. Not a whit. As long as they governed well. And they did.

      What a Puritanical society we are. A bunch of frigging prudes. Not like the French. President Mitterrand's wife and lover stood side by side at his state funeral- no biggie. That could never happen here.

      Here's the truth: it's the ones who make the biggest public spectacle over others' sex lives that are the biggest closet cases, freaks and deviants in private. The kind that would stick their hotdog in a potato.

      And those usually turn out to be Republicans.

      NOT fiscal conservatives like YOU, ss1959- it's the SOCIAL conservatives, the Bible-thumpers, the holier-than-thou, preachy bunch.

      And the self-hating closet-gay ones are the worst- like Larry Craig. Instead of embracing their homosexuality they persecute their kind with restrictive, social engineering policy like the 'Defense of Marriage Act." That legislation was sponsored by Bob Barr, a Republican hypocrite who changes wives like he changes underwear. Vitter is another hypocrite- was all over the Clinton sex scandal, moralizing, wagging his index finger while he's dressing in diapers for his DC prostitute.


      And what are we "defending" marriage against? I am telling you, ss1959, your party has more sexually-repressed, moralizing, finger-wagging freaks than any other. Again, NOT the fiscal conservative wing- the crazy, potato-spearing, diaper-wearing wing. Okay?

      GA can't stand hypocrites. That's all. So that's my point.

      Honry Dems, Horny Repubs... it's nobody's business as long as they are not doing it on the taxpayers' dime and it's not affecting their governing.

      But hypocritical Republican Bibe-thumping freaks? GA has no patience for them. None. Sadly, your party owns them.

      Those are my thoughts.

  5. In this context I think a better spelling would be "Repubes" (with a long "u" as in "Excuuuuuse me!," which all readers of Grafix Avenger know how to pronounce, I dare say).

    I've thought for ages that when Republicans do that thing (they seem to have let up recently) of calling their opponents the "Democrat Party" rather than "Democratic Party," simply to be insulting (because of its suggestion of "rat"), those on the other side of the aisle should work in responses citing the "Repube Party."

    But the Democrats simply refuse to be that juvenile. So frustrating.

  6. Vitter and Craig are the poster children for what is wrong with the Republican Party. There is this very storing hypocritical vein running deep within that the Party needs to address and clear out. Or not, and continue to bet bashed in elections. No way the Mitt Man should have lost, but he did, and it was because of dead weight like the likes of Vitter and Craig that weighted him down (besides his own self-inflicted wound on that "self-deportation" thing and that 47% thing. Glad you posted this.


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