Tim Lobbies for a Parade...

 ....while thousands of Hoboken residents are homeless and/or struggling to RECOVER from Hurricane Sandy.

Further, GA was told that last night's meeting, Councilman Frat-Boy actually said something to the effect of "Hoboken wasn't as badly affected (by the flood) as other parts of New Jersey."

(That is not verbatim- I NEED THE QUOTE if anyone has it.  The video clip would be even better).

Boys and girls, can we all say it together: "IDIOT."

You don't believe me that an elected representative would be such a moron, to minimize the suffering of thousands in our city as he lobbies for a parade? 

Here we GO!

What do his constituents think about this?

Hint: Timmy gets his ass served to him in a green beer keg:
Lets see...... we are still in december, people in the fourth ward are trying to get there lives back in order.... hopefully everybody is coming along... some people had to relocate to other places ( friends, hotels, family etc.....) some people ARE HOMELESS BECAUSE OWNERS ARE OPTING TO SELL. (MY MOM IS HOMELESS. SHE CAN'T STAY WITH ME IN MY ONE BR APT, CAUSE ITS AGAINST MY LEASE AGREEMENT. BUT, WE WILL TRY TO GET THE ST.PADDY'S DAY PARADE FIXED.... PRIORITIES........ WHERE ARE URS...... 4TH WARD PROBLEMS SHOULD BE UR CONCERN!!!!! ALSO UR THE FIRST TO COMPLAIN ABOUT TRAFFIC LIGHT 1ST MONROE.....BUT WHEN IT GOT FIXED NEW CONTROLLER AND ALL...... NOT EVEN A TY.... COMPASSION IS PART OF POLITICS.....

Tim, although I may not have used CAPS, I think Kevin's point is extraordinarily valid. Couldn't agree more. Homelessness, property damage, traffic, no PATH, and while we're at it... fiscal cliff, gun control, health care >>>>> FAKE St. Patty's Day. #priorities

Terrible idea, if you hear what the majority of taxpayers and residents who call this their home, they don't want that drunken mess. Every year the St Pats committee and the bars say they will clean up, they will donate to clean up. They never do. It costs over 200,000 last time with all cops on call babysitting.Also we can't afford the 150,000 in ot and clean up Tim, you guys won't fund a traffic light uptown, but want to give a subsidy to the bar industry that pukes on us every weekend? If a Latino or other minority group had an event like this, they would never be tolerated. All other cultural festivals like St Anns, The PR festival and The Feast of the Madonna bring in thousands without any damage. If Those profiting or awarding themselves Parade King want to ay to clean up Hoboken or my property damage or prevent a sexual assault like last year, then maybe we can start a conversation. This is just a ploy against the Mayor. There's bigger issues in Hoboken right now.

Councilwoman Castellano has to close and Gate her own store because the drunks come in trying to use the bathroom. Seniors can't go out and Saturday Church and Synagogue Services are disrupted by the drunks screaming and harassing congregants

3 years ago, I was walking my dog and someone threw a flat screen TV out a window and it landed within 50 ft. of me. 2 years ago, I came home from the airport and someone was peeing on my stoop. So yeah, I'm pretty against the St. Patty's day nonsense.

hospitality industry my ass... what happened to the residents and what they want, what about " quality of life" .. Let the leprechauns go party in Newark, see if pissing in the streets is tolerated there for St. Patty's day! 

The drunken parade is not going to save the day. Lower taxes making lower rents may help our small businesses, but this slow economy is everywhere not just here. People are a little more careful these days on their wants vr's their needs.Some of our needs at this time is to get back into some homes, put food on the table and try to get things back to normal. My daughters school is still closed ( Hoboken Catholic) so not everyones thinking of a drunken day that far ahead. Lets be realistic , what other good town with good roots and great people allow this , they laugh at what we as community tolerate and allow for a few bucks. Every main street in NJ is going through the same , go to Main Street in Montclair, go to Rutherford , its the same thing and they are not resorting to nonsense ..We should be thankful for what we have, look Sandy Hook and that community, we're worried about a few bars not making money, or someone not selling shoes really...????

Have a dry St. Patricks Day/parade...Make it about the day, the parade, the families, the food and festivities, not about the animals who need the excuse to share there habits and irresponsibility with the community..There have to be other ways to supplement funds without the potential of more issues...Its sad that we view the boosting of the local economy, through the streamline of bar related events...Its almost like saying, "come down, and get drunk so we could come back" In Brooklyn they have these events called smorgasburg with local food/beverage vendors that showcase their products. Maybe more controlled events like this could supplement the absence of the st pats. parade

It's looks like people are catching on to this aloof-doof, finally. 


  1. Just when you think he has jumped off the stupid bridge, he comes up with something even more INSANE! It appears that he is actually clueless at just how bizarre, tone deaf and insulting his comments were. Amazing what 13k in VBMs can buy you - an authentically stupid council person.

  2. Every time Tim opens his mouth it's either a lie or an absurd statement. The idea that Hoboken residents don't need relief in some form or another is cruel and demeaning. The parade is not and has never been the problem. It's the house parties. His plan does nothing to address this. Once again he appears to be feeble minded and a jerk.

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  4. He is Tim
    Tim he is

    That Tim-he-is
    That Tim-he-is
    We do not like
    How dim he is

    We do not like the
    We do not like your
    Sad charade
    We do not like it
    Here or there
    We do not like it

    We do not like it
    Days or nights
    We do not like the
    Puke and fights
    We do not like the
    Mess and cost
    We do not like store's
    Income lost


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