Star Ledge Reports 58 Missing

Oh, no!

In 2 weeks 58 guests dropped off the Mason guest list for her Hudson County Recovers (HCR) adventure in self-promotion for Hudson County elected office...  it's down to 536!

Amidst rumors (since confirmed) that Mason is desperately seeking seniors to fill empty seats in the cavernous Secaucus restaurant, La Reggia, 2 more guests have agreed to go, one the wife of political operative James Barracato. 

Well, the Barracatos live in Weehawken, where FEMA assessed 1 building was damaged.  That damaged building will share HCR funds raised with the 2,248 buildings damaged in Hoboken.

In fact, Hoboken Councilwoman Mason is SO concerned with Hoboken recovery that she is helping a Secaucus restaurant recover!  One wonders how many restaurants in the 2nd Ward of hoboken could use the business?

But Hoboken voters overwhelmingly favored electing a spatula so Mason is onto voters who don't know her, and is throwing money their way.

The current object of her affections appears to be Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith, whose other hat is the HCDO Chairman. According to the adorable Al Sullivan in his column this week:
Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason, who recently caught up with Santa Claus at the Bayonne Tree Lighting (and possibly Mayor Smith) appears to want some county or state seat in her stocking. Unfortunately for most of the other anti-Zimmer people, they might have to take comfort in coal.
Mason, who purports to be Jewish (when she can accuse her critics of anti-Semitism) showed reverence for Santa in Bayonne but she was a no-show at the Menorah lighting at City Hall.

Ho Ho Ho!

Maybe because the presiding Jewish cleric,  Rabbi Shapiro of Chabad had said this about Beth Mason's Nazi Truck:
“I’ve seen pictures and I think it’s despicable. I’m appalled and shocked that anyone can use an image of such hatred and bigotry. I don’t know whose side, what side, if they’re repeating something, but how can one be so insensitive to Holocaust survivors who will walk by, or people who had grandparents who survived the camps, and have to witness such an image driving around the city?”

He added, “Whoever is responsible should immediately remove it and apologize. I am shocked this could happen in this day and age. In other countries it’s a crime to use that image. We have freedom of speech, but a million and a half Jewish babies were killed…this is not something that should be used for some political gain.”
Why did Mason miss her chance to see the rabbi in person and apologize for her Nazi Truck?   

Multiple sources have outed the mastermind of the obscenity as Mason's closest political operative, James Barracato.  And her videographer Tim Brendel shot the vile Nazi truck video.  Even if Mason wants the rabbi to believe she was unaware of the evil act, why wouldn't she apologize on behalf of her political operatives?

I know why.

It takes character to say "I'm sorry."  It also takes actually being sorry to say "I'm sorry."

left: Mason operatives at the ZBA- Tim Brendel Mason videographer filming me for the Nazi Truck, right: Brendel's video plays on the Nazi Truck


  1. What's the difference between the Mason party and the Donner party? They were both doomed from the start, but the Donner party had more attendees and better food.

    1. When the Feds do visit our fair city again, the cannibals will be rushing to the buffet table.


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