Move Forward's ELEC Mystery

That Nazi-Truckin' slate,  Move Forward, has submitted their 20-day Post Election ELEC report- its online now.  Just go to and select "Committee" then write in: OLAND VAZQUEZ & MARKEVITCH MOVE FORWARD.

You can check to see if any of the following showed up:
  • Move Forward's cable TV ad filming and production
  • Move Forward's ad buys on cable TV networks (GA saw an MF commercial on A&E)
  •  Move Forward's Nazi Truck rental for 5 nights
  •  Move Forward's Nazi Truck video production- 3 films:
  1. Starring GA!
  2. Starring Da Horsey!
  3. Starring Felic Vasquez, Liz Markevitch and Anthony Oland!
  • Move Forward's midnight flyers: design, production, stealth distribution city-wide
  • Move Forward's use of Beth Mason's 1200 Washington St. offices for campaign operations
  • Move Forward's campaign operatives provided by Beth Mason
  • Move Forward's printed literature, posters, print ad buys

Did I leave anything out?   At a glance, GA thinks the total expenditure could reach six figures.

Think about the cost of a TV commercial and air time alone, or the lovingly-crafted Nazi Truck videos, or the army it would take to blanket all six wards of Hoboken with midnight flyers in an hour or two, or the rent on 1200 Washington St, or paying political operatives for monthly attendance at ZBA meetings to collect Nazi Truck film footage.... what do you think?

Yep, the  Move Forward ELEC should have a ton of receipts to establish how all of those were paid for and a ton of disbursements...

Move Forwards ELEC received November 26, 2012

 But... but...  this ELEC says Move Forward's total receipts to-date are $15,995...

And this ELEC says Move Forward's total expenditures to-date were $11,569.50...

WOW.  All that Nazi Truckin' and midnight flyerin' and political operative-in' and commercial-makin' and ad-buyin' and poser printin' and... and... and... and... that's it?

And wasn't Move Forward supposed to return $6,617 to the PAC 'Friends of Beth Mason"?  That was the amount of their donation in excess of the $500 pay-to-play limit.

So I guess we'll see those receipts and expenditures and the refund to Friends of Beth Mason on their next ELEC.  Right?

Anyway folks, if you wanted to see at a glance why the Dark Side fought so hard against November elections, take a look at the BoE voter turn-out since 2008  (thank you, Journey for posting the election totals on Patch.) 

November. 6, 2012 ----24,900
April 27, 2011 ----------10,523
April 20, 2010 ----------- 9,941
April 21, 2009 ----------15,056
April 15, 2008 ----------11,215