Kids First Sweep Confirmed, Crickets from Mason

BUH-BYE mother-truckers.  Now truck off.  credit: MSV

That's right folks, a recount of BoE votes cast: machine, VBMs, email and fax was quietly completed yesterday by Michael Harper at the Hudson County Board of Elections. 

The recount had been requested by MFer Liz Markevitch, who had to close a 78-vote gap with Jean Marie Mitchell to bump her out from a 3rd place finish.

The result: UNCHANGED.

The Kids First SWEEP holds, and the Move Forward THRASHING is now history.

What else was historic about this election?   Move Forward's  use of swastikas in a political campaign- the first ever in Hoboken political history, used on what the press has labeled 'The Nazi Truck' (TNT).

The Nazi Truck rode around Hoboken for days, parked at a school and looped video of swastikas and feces for the children of Hoboken to see. That was the essence of the Move Forward campaign- blasting a district parent with TNT.
The Nazi Truck was masterminded by Beth Mason operative James Barracato with the swastika-video filmed and produced by Mason videographer Tim Brendel.  The video truck was obtained by Move Forward co-Manager, Joe Branco.  With that...

Mason videographer Tim Brendel shoots video at the ZBA which ends up on the Nazi Truck

Mason's own fingerprints are all over the Nazi Truck.

Mason has never stoppd shopping her allegations of Nazi themed discourse against her and exploiting the symbols she claims to be a victim of. 

Starting in 2010, Mason herself contacted Etzion Neurer, Executive Director of the NJ Chapter of the ADL (one week before her operative Lane Bajardi was dispatched to the city Council on November 15, 2010 with his Nazi poster next to a GA graphic) then she contacted the New Jersey Jewish News with the lie: "Pincus is an elected official".... 

Lane Bajardi's 2010 presentation board adorns the Nazi Truck- how did it get there?

Later on  April 13, 2011  Mason used Lane Bajardi's CC presentation as a prop at the OLG City Council debate where she compared herself to shooting victim Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords .

Beth Mason's 2011 visual aide adorns the Nazi Truck- how did it get there?

Then on April 2012 when Beth Mason and her operative James Barracato met with reporter Stephen LaMarca at 1400 Washington Street to plant a  Nazi-story about MSV's Da Horsey and myself.

At that April meeting, Mason and Barracato presented LaMarca with evidence that 'Zimmer- bloggers' are using Nazi video and Nazi 'gas chamber' rhetoric against her.  The 'evidence' turned out to be a doctored screenshot.   Nevertheless, the paper was set to run with the ginned-up Nazi hit piece on  'Zimmer bloggers' until an informant blew their scheme wide open.  The informant told GA all about the Mason-Barracato meeting, and in a text exchange revealed Mason's desire to pin the "Nazi stuff" on Horsey and why she stays behind-the-scenes because she "can't be a victim if she orchestrates".

GA's text exchange with my informant on the Mason-Barracato meeting with LaMarca
Get it?

Mason the boss, hides behind operatives because "she can't be a victim if she orchestrates."  They shield her from direct linkage to the 'dirty work', ever-protective of their golden goose.

But the golden goose is beginning to look like a plucked chicken.  Blamed for losing the School Board election, tongues are wagging and the walls around her are beginning to crumble.

Here is what GA was told recently:
(2 operatives' names redacted) deliberately had no phone communication with Beth Mason for almost a year... they'd been planning this for a long time even to the point of not having contact with Beth.
I wish I could tell you the rest.  Not yet.

Well, GA hears the scuttlebutt that Mason "didn't know" that her operative James Barracato and others on the Move Forward campaign had engineered the Nazi Truck.  If that's true then why is Barracato still working for her?  And Brendel?

If she didn't know then, she knows now.  Yet she keeps these perpetrators of the Nazi Truck on staff. 

These were her words back in 2010:
I think it is inappropriate all over. The images used go against our whole Jewish community.  The sensitivities of World War II veterans and people in and outside our Jewish community are totally disturbed by this. I am at a loss for words...  . Having this kind of image out there is a disgrace. This takes it outside of reasonable discussion.”
What happened in 2012?
  1. Beth Mason's inner circle procured, produced and executed the Nazi Truck attacking bloggers. 
  2. Beth Mason's inner circle coordinated the Nazi Truck with midnight flyers attacking a blogger.
  3. BOTH Nazi Truck and midnight flyers showcased pending litigation against bloggers by known Beth Mason inner-circle operatives.   
Mason's fingerprints are everywhere. 


And Mason, so vocal with outrage in 2010 is silent in 2012.

 That should tell you all you need to know.