Happy New Year from Al Sullivan

I agree with Al: anything is possible.

Yep, it's the end of the year, time for introspection.  2012: what went wrong, what went right. What never went.  What could have went, but didn't.  Why not?  Was that because you (or someone else) wanted it too much or not enough?  Do you still want it?  Why?  Why not?

And on and on.

As far as resolutions go, my advice is: set the bar low.  Then you won't be disappointed.

Me, I don't make resolutions; I think they're crap.  I just do. According to Al's musical message: "anything is possible." So, you want something?  Then skip the resolutions and go for it.

 Thank you Al, for your New Year's song.


  1. thank you for posting this. It means a lot. I do honestly believe that anything is possible and that we are all connected through a common universal experience. And if we remember we are related in some way, maybe we can stop bickering and start building something positive

    1. Yes, Al. 'Bickering' is what you and I do. Pretty benign. And since I'm always right, you concede and I forgive you.

      Bickering doesn't involve funding frivolous lawsuits to shut down government or scare bloggers, bickering doesn't involve deploying Nazi Trucks or carpet bombing Hoboken with libelous fliers in an attempt to bully, intimidate and chill free speech. You've never tried to hit anyone with a bag of money, have you Al?

      Well, I wish you all the best for 2013. It's going to be a good year, I feel it in my bones (and soft tissue). How about writing (and recording) a song just for GA? C'mon. I'll post it uncensored. Just comply with the GA dress code: pants. And a mask. Like Zorro.


  2. Bickering doesn't involve or shouldn't involve the local press being bought and paid for by people with big bang accounts, e.g., developers, politicians, and of course those ahem "charities."

    In the 20+ years I have lived in Hoboken is has become apparently clear that the content of HR is dictated by their advertisers. Proof? The lovely annual "Look who's building more cheaply constructed overpriced condos in Hudson County in the coming year" that makes up the bulk of the HR "End of the year edition."

    1. duh i really need to edit

      big BANK accounts though bang works in its own way

    2. Your Big Bang theory is right.

      And HR's role in providing a patina of credibility to Mason smear jobs on Mason's enemy list is indisputable. The HR publishes whatever they're spun from the Dark Side ad-buyers or those who provide a revenue stream. The HR protects DS secret operations- like the lawsuit, which they knew about well before it was filed. Oh, yeah. In turn, the Dark Side has HR articles to refer to in their midnight fliers and other toxic waste- like Nazi Trucks- and of course once a story is picked up in the HR, local competitors grab it.

      And the Mason people behind it all are media professionals, formerly and currently.

      The HR has a lot to answer for.


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