Earwitness News: You Can't Make Me, Nyah Nyah Nyah

Hot off the ear drum, this Earwitness News report arrived today as we learned that a Superior Court judge has ordered  all 8 members of Newark's City Council to attend a vote to fill a vacant seat.

Sound familiar?

It is.  The Newark ruling bodes well for the reappointment of Hoboken Councilman Jim Doyle, because it sets a precedent that favors a court mandate for all Hoboken Council members  to attend the vote to fill Carol Marsh's seat. With Doyle.

According to an Earwitness, here was Beth Mason's comment to a high-level official about such an  order from the judiciary:
"No one can make me vote!"
The official, who has state-wide connections, replied (something like) "We'll see about that when the state police show up at your house and drag you to City Hall!"


Further, my Earwitness earwitnessed complaints that" Mason and Michelle(Russo) are calling the shots" on the Doyle litigation.  Another complaint earwitnessed:  "The citizens of Hoboken don't want this fight.  We don't need this... after a major disaster. "

GA's been hearing that, too from other sources.  With my own two ears.

Well, isn't this interesting?

We have an elected official who plays the courts like a violin but  holds herself above their judgment, accountable to no one.  

Can you imagine a petulant Mason being hauled into City Hall in the back of a police car?   According to the official, it can and will happen if Mason refuses to obey the court order.


  1. Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm

    Who can it be now?


    Seems Bet just got beat by the ugly STICK.


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