Deep Uvula: Political Suicide

Guess who got in touch with GA?  Hint: read post title.

My long, lost informant from the Dark Side,  Deep Uvula (DU)!  Yep, that gabby pink appendage hasn't cared to talk to me for awhile, and as I've told you before: uvulas are not beer kegs.  You can't tap them at will.

No, uvulas come to you.  In this case, me.

Well, I was a little surprised at what that little dangler had to say. But as always, I did not interrupt my uvula with questions (uvulas don't like interruptions), I just took notes: 
Been a while since we talked and I told you could use anything. Mostly quiet, still nervous. Still under the order to keep out of sight and don't draw any attention. This thing ain't over. That's why you don't see a big crowd out for Council meetings.

Some tried to stir up folks about the BOE race, but when the Nazi Truck showed up, most of us thought it was suicide. Turns out we were right.

That asshole Barracato sure showed himself. Beth's money ain't getting anyone elected anymore, especially not with the crowd that follows her around and she lets run things.

Heard from friends at the County that Barracato is toast after that whole Nazi truck move. Nobody wants to go near him. Hear Turner is pissed off at him big time for getting him drug into that fake charity mess.

The Nazi truck and Mason's tax stuff problem are sticking.  People talk. I also hear that Mason is running her mouth and whispering in ears that she wants the County Executive job or some other move out of Hoboken. Funny stuff. Nobody is giving up anything for her, even if she shows up with a truck load of money. She showed how useful her money was in the last election. Now, if she just wants to donate cash and let somebody other than the morons she has now running her show, then something can be discussed.

 Most of us just want this thing with the feds to be over, which ever way it goes. The waiting is tough. Wears on you.

A lot of rethinking how to get things back on track. Have to give the Mayor respect for how she did her job in the storm. Looks pretty unbeatable now. With all the elections in November, Mason's money don't mean as much.

And that lawsuit about Doyle is dumb. Just show up and vote. Stop with all the lawyer stuff, it just makes us look bad, especially after all the loss from the storm. 
Hmmmm.   GA had assumed the Dark Side was confident they'd skated on the FBI.  It's interesting to hear DU say the opposite is true.  Do those Dark Siders know something the rest of us don't?

And to hear DU use 'Nazi Truck'- the term coined by the news media- and to say that it was "sticking" means it is.  Sticking.  Because that's what it's being called now outside of Hoboken by everyone. The Nazi Truck.  And it is universally acknowledged as not only incredibly offensive, but politically radioactive- credited with losing the election and tainting everyone connected to it.

So who owns the Nazi Truck stunt?

The Mason political operative who made the video (Tim Brendel)?  The Mason political operative who masterminded and ran the operation  (James Barracato)?  Or...

left: April 13, 2011- Beth Mason holds up Lane Bajardi's graphic juxtaposition at the OLG City Council Debate Forum. Mason compared herself to shooting victim Arizona Councilwoman Gabby Giffords  right: October 16, 2012- Mason's visual aide at the OLG debate (originating with Lane Bajardi's presentation at the City Council on November 15, 2010) appears on the Nazi Truck shown here outside Wallace Primary School

...Councilwoman Beth Mason herself, employer of the operatives, believed to have bankrolled all the bells and whistles of the Move Forward campaign: their cable TV ad, cable TV ad buys, print ads, literature, t-shirts, Washington Street office space, posters, and.... anything else? 

Who bankrolled the Nazi Truck and the midnight flyers?

Will they ever show up on a Move Forward ELEC?

Well, Hudson County political movers and shakers don't care about ELECs, they already know whodunit and their verdict is "political suicide" for everyone involved.

GA can tell you the words came came from the lips of a prominent elected Hudson County official, can't tell you who.   But that was his response to the Nazi Truck.

Political suicide.