Daddy Needs Help

Beth Mason political operative Barry Brendel struggles with his camera at the Zoning Board last night.  Better send Junior next time!


GA noticed that Beth Mason operative Barry Brendel, (father of  Nazi-Truck  videographer Tim Brendel and formerly known as 'Not-Perry') had a bit of trouble operating his camera at the Zoning Board meeting last night.

The Brendels, father and son, have become something of a joke at our meetings.  They've been coming regularly since March 27, 2012, so by now have collected enough stock footage  to cover an army of Nazi Trucks.  In fact, you could circle the globe with Beth Mason operatives' Nazi Trucks showing Brendel ZBA footage.... but... they still need more!   Why?

GA hears from sources that a certain Weehawken salamander with free reign over the Evil Checkbook  and nursing a fatal obsession (fatal for his career) has said "we've got her on the run!"

Really?  Remind me to wear my running shoes.

Anyway, it looks like the 'Big Gun' they sent last night turned out to be a limp water pistol.  Yep,  he fumbled with his camera, trying to find the 'ON  button then scrambled for the manual.  Too bad he left these on 'Shady Lane':