Crazy at the Council

By the way, that silver-haired gent is Barry Brendel, Mason political operative and father of Tim Brendel, the videographer who filmed and produced the Nazi Truck video- for Beth Mason.

Who else? Mason's Chief political operative, James Barracato, orchestrated the Nazi Truck.

So what happened to Nazi-Truck filmin' Tim?  

The lil' fella's been shooting Mason's stock footage at the City Council, BoE and ZBA for years.  Since GA outed him by name and posted a pic of him filming the actual Nazi Truck video at the Zoning Board, he's... he's... vanished.  Poof!  What's the matter, lil' fella?  Don't like attention?  Then you'd hate being the one on your Nazi Truck.  Glad Daddy stepped in to do a real man's job- attacking citizens doing public service for their community for a cash-engorged lunatic. That's what real men do for a living.

GA thought prostitution was illegal in New Jersey?

As you can see, Pop is still collecting stock footage for: (1) attacks against anyone in or supporting the Zimmer administration whether or not they are actually seeking elected office and... (2) a future run for elected office in Hudson County or the U.S. House of Representatives.  (Sires, watch your back.)

Dark Siders, we've gotta talk.   When are you going to see that taking crazy-money is just  not worth it?   Because you can't separate the crazy from the money.

You TAKE the money, you GET the crazy.

And throwing government into gridlock after a HURRICANE has destroyed over 2,200 buildings, displaced Hoboken residents, destroyed our property... is CRAZY.  Dark Siders, do you think ANYONE has the appetite to see those four MORONS waste tax dollars and play stupid political games (taking turns missing meetings we PAY them to attend)?

GA asks the rational ones among you to make a decision.  

See this image of white cells attacking enemy bacteria?  Without our white cells,  bacteria would overpower and undermine the health of our body; weakening, perhaps destroying it.

But no, the white cells recognize when the body is in danger and attack these destructive invaders.  Once defeated, bacteria are expelled in bodily discharge (like mucus, pus, or urine.)

Face it, Dark Side.  You've got an infection. A serious one. It cost you the School Board election. Now, just like your own white cells that keep you healthy, you must recognize those bacteria among you which you have until now embraced.

And you have embraced your infection because you believed the benefit (money) out-weighed the effects (crazy).   Can you still say that?

No, you can't. 

Your infection is literally killing you. If you think any of you will ever win a Hoboken election on its merits again, just pass GA what you're smoking.

Your infection got you a Nazi Truck and a suicidal lawsuit to gridlock government during disaster recovery.... did you just learn that throwing money at candidates doesn't win you an election?

GA wants the RATIONAL ones to expel your infection.  Without you, it will be isolated.

Because GA hears from sources that no one at the County Level will TOUCH her.  NO ONE wants her on their ticket.   But, like you, they are trying to figure out how to tap the checkbook without embracing the crazy.

It can't be done.

Cut your losses and cut the crazy.  If you aren't sure who the rational ones are, Dark-Siders here:

Anthony Romano, Freeholder
Ruben Ramos, Assemblyman 33rd District
Frank Raia

Michael Russo
Theresa Castellano
Tim Occhipinti

Beth Mason

Now, get busy.   I know, you're afraid she'll sue you.  She probably will.