Chatty Kathy

A friend called me earlier today, laughing: " Ha ha... Klaussen wrote one of his fake letters today...   this time he calls himself  "Kathy...  ha ha..." 

Chatty Kathy.

GA loves the fake letters on Hoboken411.

Horribly over-written and unconvincing, they smack of  smug self-confidence, clumsily weaving Mason talking points through the sticky prose.  And they are formulaic. The narrator defines himself/herself according to the demographic the propaganda is meant to persuade.

Who is Kathy?  In 'her' own words: 
"...once again, I refer to the parents I hang out with at Church Square Park or the friends I dine with in local restaurants, or meet at the dog runs." 
 Okay, so Kathy411 is pitching to parents with kids and dogs.  Who eat.  In restaurants.

And she's one nasty bitch:
"I’ve come to the realization that voters (in my case, parents on the playground) believe in Dawn Zimmer’s sincerity because she comes across as excruciatingly plain and timid in person."
Now, now, Kathy.  I've heard you have hair on your face and a pot belly. Oh, you haven't finished?
"She gets criticized for her appearance by many, her lack of grooming, her casual cheap looking apparel, her obvious distaste for professional looking attire and make-up used by most female politicians, however, it’s that Plain Jane, clog and t-shirt-wearing persona that the public mistakenly equates with “sincerity.”"
Wait a minute... Kathy's talking about Zimmer's "cheap looking apparel, her distaste for professional looking attire and make-up used by most female politicians...."  Why,  Mr. Kathy's comparing her to... Beth Mason!   Meeeeeee-ow.

Expensive apparel! Professional looking attire! Make-up!
That's how you KNOW Kathy's a guy.

 That kind of sexist claptrap would never come out of a woman's mouth- especially from a mom who hangs out in the playground.  Are you kidding? The author's probably never been near a playground in Hoboken and has no idea how stupid his petty carpings about Zimmer's looks would sound there.  We are a sisterhood. In fact, it's offensive that Kathy411 thinks we moms talk like that.  The author's hostility toward women drips off the page.   I don't know where it comes from: some deeply rooted psychological issue,  a tiny 'tool' or inability to 'perform' in the sack... who knows?

But Mr. Kathy is fascinating.   It's a shame only a handful of readers will experience his musings about the mayor, but Hoboken411's readership fled long ago.   The place is a ghost town. 

Well, like everything else that the Mason gang touches, they have no clue how unintentionally funny  and contrived it sounds.   Keep it up, Mr. Kathy! 


  1. Cant help but think he is trying to get certain people to attack some "well known" mom named Kathy.

    He is such a fool!


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