7.7% of those Invited to Mason Fundraiser Disappear

Mason's HudsonCountyRecovers fundraiser is hemorrhaging guests.  Going, going... where?

Oh, no!  What happened? 

On Wednesday, Beth Mason's HudsonCountyRecovers events page showed 594 guests invited to her  Dec. 20 fundraiser in Secaucus.  And now...?

You recall, the Mason 'fund' benefits Ruben Ramos' 33rd District and HDCO Chairman Mark Smith's Bayonne- with proceeds going to Weehawken Mayor  Richard Turner's 527 political group, "Weehawken and You Civic Association."

After Sandy hit, FEMA  found 1 damaged building in Weehawken,  2 in Bayonne and Union City, 10 in Jersey City and 2,248 in Hoboken. With the disproportionate suffering in her own city, why is Mason courting Ruben Ramos' 33rd District and HCDO Chairman Mark Smith with this 'recovery fund?

The same reason why Beth Mason never publicly endorsed Move Forward.  She buried her endorsement letter here.

And the same reason why Tim Occhipinti wont promote Mason's HudsonCountyRecovers.org on his Facebook page.

Mason is that toxic in Hoboken.  

And she wants out. 

Which explains the lack-of-subtlety in the design of this 'recovery' fund.  Any Hudson County municipalities that have no benefit to her political aspirations like North Bergen-the 2nd-most storm damaged in Hudson County- were ignored while 'recovery' fund promises to fill the coffers of  Mayor Richard Turner's 527 political organization.  Note she is hosting the fundraiser in Secaucus- not Hoboken where the business is sorely needed. 

Alas, it appears to be shrinking.

Since last night, 46 of the 594 invited vanished into thin air- that's 7.7% of the guest list!    

Gone.  What happened to them?  Do we need to report them missing?   I believe we must wait another 24 hours before notifying the police. 

G-d, I hope they're alright.

Well, GA's got more bad news. Yes. 

The number guests to 'decline' the Dec. 20th Secaucus fundraiser has leaped  from 18 to 22- that's a 22% increase!   Using today's guest list number (548),that means 4% of those invited have declined!

There is a glimmer of sunshine: those number off those attending the Mason fundraiser has skyrocketed from 8 to 9.  And who is Guest Number 9?

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos! 

GA doesn't blame Ramos  for going- he has no choice.

If he doesn't, he'll be criticized.  Ruben  may even find his picture on the next Nazi Truck because Mason is looking for opportunities to grab his Assembly seat... since no one is stepping aside for her at the County. Freeholder Anthony Romano certainly isn't.   Ruben best be careful as she clamors for any available County position, his may be the next face adorning her truck.

So with 9 attending, the overall percentage remains unchanged:  99% have either declined, will decline, will ignore or are undecided- until they decline or ignore.

Can anyone find the missing 46?   Are you missing?


  1. I sure hope Invitee "Bacardi Rum" shows up!
    I heard Bacardi Rum and Beth Mason are great friends!

  2. For the lawyers tracking my "internet behavior" I said BACARDI not Bajardi.
    Reference to public figure and public news personality Lane Bajardi, recently in the headlines for suing bloggers and free speech writers, also a person I believe has attacked me online via screen names and through possible ghostwriting on H411. I say this based on what I believe to be true and do not suggest anyone should believe me or think that I am defaming above mentioned public figure, news personality and public on air journalist Lane Bajardi

  3. La Reggia is where Secaucus mayor Dennis Elwel received the $10,000 bribe from Schlomo Dwek back in 2009: http://www.nj.com/jjournal-news/index.ssf/2011/07/owner_of_restaurant_where_brib.html.

    I guess they're just keeping their business in la famiglia.

  4. They now have a whopping 10 people attending. Hippee Hurray!

  5. the more we talk about it, the more people will attend

  6. got that invite,taped to my door, free be,,in senior building. I pass every time. im not liked here either, lol i love Dawn Z as Mayor.. Change is needed,During storm,Mason had her pals bring cold pizza,anf
    d voter reg forms,Showing eye tierd seniors in no lights to fill out. The concered me. But i vote by mail,and few more i asked to open there minds to change. And did. Its starts with one brave woman to fight the corrupion..And it is Dawn..Peace And God Speed in her future.

    1. Thank, Jimmy. Mason sent 'helpers' to assist seniors with filling out ballots? Yikes.

      As for the invite, did it say that the event is free for seniors and that they are providing buses?


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