Will He or Won't He?

That's the question Da Horsey is asking today.  And it's a pretty good one.

Because on Wednesday night, the City Council will vote on an ordinance approving the use of eminent domain on Lot 12 in Hoboken's 4th Ward.

Eminent domain for a casino? A strip mall?  A strip joint?

No, for a park. 

And the clock is ticking on a $3,000,000 County grant- which GA is told expires this August- and which Timmy Occhipinti had reprogrammed for a Southwest park last July.

First, let me say that GA is not a fan of eminent domain (E.D.) I even I railed against it on this blog.

In fact, BOTH Republican elder statesman Bob Dole and I have taken a principled stand against E.D.

Yes, Bob.  It does take Courage.

So, while GA AND Bob Dole are steadfast opponents of E.D., we are both supporters of open space and parks in Hoboken.

That's why Bob Dole and I urge you to get EDucated about E.D., and to watch Timmy carefully on Wednesday night.

Because on Wednesday night you will learn whether his call to have the $3,000,000 County grant reprogrammed for a Southwest park was political grandstanding? (Timmy votes NO)  

Or did he really mean it? (Timmy votes YES)

Here's what Timmy told Patch last July:
"The Southwest Park can become a reality and over the past few months the City has made progress towards the creation of the park,” said Occhipinti. “We have a golden opportunity to put unused money towards a much-needed project in the often-neglected Fourth Ward and I’m afraid we are going to lose out.”
Let's see if he backs it up.