Unholy Matrimony

What happens to the truly wicked in the Afterlife?

Judiasm holds different views, from a period of purification in Gehinnom ('Hell') to eternal damnation, even destruction. But our G-d is forgiving and abundant in kindness.  One of His attributes of mercy is: G-d forgives intentional sins if the sinner repents.

This past week GA confronted true evil.

A wicked plot by a (converted) Jewish politician, Beth Mason, and her employee, James Barracato, to create a scandal in our newspaper using the Holocaust and the despicable Nazi regime to smear her targets-  Da Horsey and myself.

That's right.

The Holocaust is simply a tool in the Mason tool chest. What did she do?

Mason and her employee, Barracato, tried to persuade our local media, The Hoboken Reporter, that we have been using Nazi videos/discourse using fabricated 'evidence'. 

Here is the (doctored) Barracato screen-shot (left panel) side-by-side with the actual web page (right panel)

left panel: Barracato's doctored screenshot submitted to the Hoboken Reporter,         right panel: GA's actual page

Why have Mason and Barracato exploited the epic tragedy of the Holocaust this way, to USE it as a weapon to destroy her opponents?

For her political advantage, obviously.

To eliminate her internet critics by discrediting them before she runs for NJ Assembly.

Will The Hoboken Reporter cooperate with her evil agenda?  (like GA, the HR's Publisher is Jewish).

Well, I have to tell you being target this way, and by a Jewish-convert  no less, so revolted me, I turned to Rabbi Scheinberg of the United Synagogue of Hoboken to unburden my mind.  Our exchange is private. But unburdening myself to the Rabbi made me feel better.  Thank you, Rabbi.

So, our G-d is loving and forgiving.  Me, not so much.   

All I can say is that what those two tried to do- frame Horsey and I in the media for a Jewish politician exploiting the Holocaust- is truly wicked.

Therefore, I am counting on G-d to send those 2 to the Eternal Damnation Wing of Gehinnom.  Please.  And I'd like an order of fire and brimstone with a side of pitchfork. 

Will He?

Surely not if they repent.

But those two are wedded by mutual self-interest in a state of unholy matrimony.  So GA doesn't see that happening any time soon.

Fire up the grill!


  1. Hell would be nice, and it's what she deserves, but most of us would be happy if she had a long prison sentence.

    Mason has graduated to the Ninth Circle of delusion if she believes she has a paid-for- vote-by-mail-ballot's chance in hell of being elected to anything ever again.

  2. Is that photo parody based on Fin Boy's wedding? If so his wife has some chunky arms that could make for great shark bait or chum.

    Anyone confirm if James Barracato aka Fin Boy and Maniac Mason Political operative ever complete Seton Hall Law School or did he flunk out? Ever notice how Mason's operatives are all undereducated, ie Bajardi, Callichio?

  3. And while I am at it didn't this jerk work for Mayor Richard Turner who donated to Stick Romano's campaign so that Hoboken taxpayers could continue to get fleeced by Turner and his Hudson County Cronies?


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