Today is Jersey Cat Adoption Day!

Today is Cat Adoption Day at Hoboken Pet, 524 Washington Street starting at 12 noon!

Meet  Janet, one of the Jersey Cat's cuties available for adoption!   (Did you know Janet won an award at the Garden State Cat Club Cat Show for her magnificent stripes?)

GA isn't sure if Janet will be one of's beauties appearing live today at Hoboken Pet, but if she's stolen your heart you know where to find her!  Meee-ow.

Here are some of Jersey cat's beauties waiting for forever homes now:

Jada- adult female
Jada stole my heart... GA just loves, loves, loves calicos.  Has anyone got spare room (and love) for this big girl?

Kurt- young, male (black and white)
This Kurt is not running for Hudson County Freeholder, but he is cuddly, sweet and adorable- like the big one.

Esti- adult, female
Couldn't you get lost in those big eyes?  GA hears that Esti is a lap cat!  Is yours available?

Betty- young female
Betty is a playful kitten- another calico beauty. She's a social  butterfly and a lap-lover!

Niko- young male
Niko is an award-winner!  He won a ribbon for 'Most Decorative Cat' at the Garden State Cat Club Cat Show!  Graceful, exotic... and a purrrrfect companion.

Archie- young male
Archie's got one fluffy tail!  Couldn't you see waking up to that face on your pillow?

Darrin- young male
Darrin's claim to fame is his easy-going, friendly nature. He is a happy boy and loves the company of creatures large and small.

Well, those are just a few of Jersey Cat's available kitties- and you can meet some today at Hoboken Pet's Adoption Day. So, if you were thinking about adding a furry friend to your home,  here's y our chance!



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    1. How about it, Kurt?

      I just stopped by- you can meet Betty and Archie there, soooo cute.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this GA. I've been trying to put Jersey Cats on the radar of several of my friends (with no luck yet.) They do not have a facility, all of their cats (rescued strays only)are housed with foster families while waiting to be adpoted. For those not sure they are ready to adopt, you can foster. Here's my happy tails adoption story: (Sheba)

    1. Oh, what a beautiful story... you made me tear up with this:

      "Nowadays, I like to think that no one else had chosen Sheba because she was waiting for me to come along."

      She is a beautiful cat. Does she sit in your lap now?

      I so want more kitties but my girl is a solo. She was in a tiny Manhattan, windowless bathroom for 3 months before I adopted her; she was a kill shelter rescue kept separated because she was scared of the (20 or so) other cats.

      Well, I am so happy you 2 found each other. How purrrrfect.


  3. Yup, she does sit/lay down on my lap...every evening after dinner she'll usually crawl into my lap for her "fix" and once she's had her "fill" she'll hop off feeling very satisfied. Anyway, sounds like we both have solo girls!

  4. betty is just too cute.....


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