Today in Court- UPDATE

That is, the trial of Matt Calicchio, Beth Mason's 'Chief of Staff'- charged with harassing a School Board mom, Theresa Minutillo,  in the presence of her 5 year-old daughter.

Stay tuned. 

(Update, 4:45 pm)
GA stopped by the Union City municipal court at 1:30 pm today, and was surprised to see a nearly-empty room- including the judge.  (The trial had been scheduled for 1 pm)

The judge strolled in at 1:55 pm.  La-di-da.

The court room was still (nearly) empty- except for a couple of Hoboken mom-supporters sitting with the mom-Plaintiff.  Calicchio, the Defendant, appeared about 10 minutes later, dapper in a suit and a mouthful of chewing gum.  

Chomp chomp chomp.

Along with his attorney Elise DiNardo, in came two members of the Mason cabal: Tim the videograher, and the silver-haired gentleman he travels with- a Perry Belfirore look-alike.  (I'll call him Not-Perry. Not-Perry fell asleep at the last City Council meeting- someone shot a video of him snoozing away.)  GA was told Carmelo Garcia's sister-in-law, who works at Mason's Gallery 1200, was with the group, too.

Well, to make a short story shorter, the trial ended up being rescheduled for June 7.  The reason: there was another case being heard first- starting with a 'motion to suppress' hearing potentially followed by a trial.  Perhaps many hours of waiting.

So, the mom-Plaintiff opted for a new date, having her 5 year-old at home to consider.

 Just imagine the Mason paycheck for that one court appearance: DiNardo, Tim, Not-Perry, Carmelo's sis-in-law, and Calicchio.  All on the clock.


  1. Calichio and mason are nothing but human cysts. They deserve anthrax inserted into their eyeballs


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