Timmy to the Rescue

Have you been wondering what the 4th Ward's Timmy Occhipinti has been up to?   It's right here on  Facebook:

Isn't that terrific?   Not only does our hero discover a gaping pothole on Monroe Street, but photographs the perilous death trap for dissemination on social media to connect YOU with his find!

(Does anyone know if he Tweeted the killer chasm?)

So I guess you know answer to this: which of these Explorers shared his amazing discovery via social media:
a)  Magellan 
b)  Marco Polo
c)  Ponce de León
d)  Christopher Columbus 
e)  Leif Ericson
f)  Tim Occhipinti
As Tim told us on Facebook, he bravely managed this crisis by notifying the City- via letter.

GA has obtained this exclusive copy:


  1. He discovered a pothole and reported it? Good for him. I've done that tons of times. But I have never been so shallow as to try and take credit for something each and every citizen in this city should be doing as a part of their civic duty. What a moron.

    1. Ha! Just the other day a friend and I called in a loose piece of curb on 7th St. to Jen Giattino. It got fixed right away.

      Did either of us call in a video crew to document this momentous occurrence, then blast it out on social media? Did we write a press release?

      Did JEN?

      No, she quietly did her civic duty without looking for accolades or a photo op.

      Yep, 'moron' is about right- you called it, Red.


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