Tim on Spitting and Puppy-gate

Oh boy, last night's episode of City Council Abuse Theater and Silly Human Tricks did not disappoint!

GA observed these biweekly meetings are slowly turning into The Timmy Show- and not a Tim with gravitas like U.S. Senator Tim Johnson.   We're talking Tim Conway of The Carol Burnett Show. 

That's right.  Last night Occhipinti pontificated on nearly EVERY agenda item in increasingly inane and irrelevant stumbling, bumbling, tongue-tied protestations, doing combat with STATE-mandates in municipal legislation.

And combat with big words.

Yep, in the battle of Tim's Tongue vs. Big Words a winner was declared: Tim accused Parking Director Ian Sacs of 'MIS-CHARA-KER-TIZING" his remarks.  Mischarakertizing. Sounds painful.   Like when Timmy groused at one meeting about an 'EX-ORB-ER-ANT' cost.  Did he mean 'absorbent'ExuberantExorbitant?

Only Tim knows for sure. And Council texting-buddy, Mr. Sara.

GA's advice: stay away from words above 3 syllables; your tongue is not your friend.

Now, a guy whose tongue's got no issue with big words is the ever-coiffed Perry Belfiore, a GA favorite. (I like him, though he runs from me like I'm a petri dish teeming with Ebola virus... Perry, come back!)  Here are some of the big words peppered in his speech last night: ipso-facto, contrivance, nefarious, colloquy.  


 Part 1- Spitting

Defeated by his own tongue, Timmy did his grandstanding-best to scold the State for not allowing Hobokenites to spit at will.    Ptooey!  Which triggered Mike Russo to make the rare joke- he pretended to spit on the dais. (And when members of your coalition laugh at you...)

Witness the Giattino- Mello Resolution Z-178 (2nd reading) updating and amending 'nuisances' in our municipal code that Tim objected to, proclaiming the City is overstepping it's bounds by restricting our right to spit.

Here's what's really great about him: even AFTER Giattino patiently explained that the no-spitting rule is a STATE LAW which is why we have it in our municipal code, in Rain-man fashion, Tim continued to repeat himself as facts bounced off his head like rubber balls.

And because Tim objected to ONE out of the THIRTY-THREE (3%) existing, outdated nuisance ordinances to protect your RIGHT TO SPIT (after he was explained that it was STATE LAW) he voted 'NO'.

Run for the hills, folks. 

It gets better.  GA is going to call this next scandal: Puppy-gate.

Part 2- Puppy-Gate

Here is what Timmy posted on his Facebook wall yesterday:
Zimmer Administration wants the City Council to approve a $43K contract to Liberty Humane Center for animal control services.

This contract calls for the destruction of strays and possible pets after a 7 day wait period.

"When specifically notified by the Municipality, LHS shall attempt to impound any stray or licensed dog or cat running at large on the streets of the Municipality for the purpose of issuing summonses to the owners thereof where possible and appropriate. When such impoundment occurs, the dog or cat shall be put up for adoption or humanely disposed of, after the seven (7) day waiting period. Under no conditions will an animal be made available for experimentation."

After rescuing our dog, Cooper, I cannot support this contract which will put these animals down.
Really Tim?

So why did you vote 'YES' for the SAME EXACT CONTRACT with LHS containing  7-day clause- on May 18, 2011 when Beth Mason was City Council President?  You were in the majority then. Which begs the question....

Was Tim FOR killing puppies before he was AGAINST it?

This is politics played from the bottom of the deck.  

Tim would rather trash a wonderful organization like the Liberty Humane Society which saves thousands of animals every year to call them 'puppy-killers' for a cheap political shot at the mayor which he coordinated with  Hoboken411.

Exactly what impact does Timmy's smear HAVE on the Liberty Humane Society? 

Reduced donations - their main source of funding rescue operations. Tim Occhipinti and Perry Klaussen have HURT this organization, have HURT their animal rescue efforts by accusing them of being 'dog-killers'.

GA calls on Tim Occhipinti to  make a $1,000 donation to the LHS to make up for harm he's done and to show support for LHS' dedication to sustaining LIFE (not killing). 

You know, all Tim had to do was visit the LHS Facebook page to see the adorable faces of 'Long-term' dogs  who have resided there for more than ONE YEAR.

Enough said?  No. 

Because Timmy was so wedded to his political 'doggie-death' stunt, even AFTER the lovely LHS representative explained to Timmy that the 7-day clause was a STATE LAW- verbiage required but not practiced- he  scolded that the ( STATE MANDATED) paragraph was "misleading".

Funny, he wasn't mislead by it in 2011 when he voted FOR it.

A reader sent me a screenshot from that meeting with this: 
Here's a screen shot of vote call to adopt the animal control contract with LHS. Timmy's only concern about the contract with Liberty Human Society is about the dates of the contract extending beyond the budget year. He votes "yes." No concern at all for the puppies....

 And there's more...

Timmy's made a big stink about his new pup he claims to have rescued from a kill-shelter.  Admirable, if true.

If true.

GA is tracking a rumor that Tim acquired his pup at a pet shop in a neighboring state.

Not a killer pet shop, either. No Puppy Death Row, no doggie executioners.   A sweet little pet shop.  Over the NJ border.

Which would make Timmy's story... a story.  Until it's all cleared-up, this is Tim's Puppy-gate.

Speaking of kill-shelter rescues, GA's cat was rescued from one by Zani's Furry Friends.   The folks there and at other rescue groups are doing G-d's work, they are angels. So  GA would NEVER accuse any such rescue organization of killing pets.  Like Timmy or Klaussen did.

GA's kitty, rescued from a kill shelter by Zani's Furry Friends

Well, there was MORE to that meeting, folks.  We had Timmy interrogating the Director of the Hoboken Homeless Shelter, who served 120,000 meals to the homeless and hungry last year alone.  Timmy questioned her ability to allocate the City's $50K donation if it is 'one-time' and not recurring.


And what about Beth Mason?  Very quiet.  (Except for nit-picking Claims- a.k.a. finding needles in a haystack to stab our B.A. with)

GA imagines she's not altogether pleased her scheduled Hoboken Reporter hit job imploded.

And of course, much more... this is Hoboken.


  1. My little furry girls were both a kill-shelter. A volunteer for NJ Cats saw them in the kill shelter, adopted them, and then they were in foster care until I adopted them.

  2. in some a perverse way, i have to tip my hat to timmy: every time i think i've witnessed the heights of his stupidity, he manages to outdo himself. that takes some sort of talent, doesn't it?

    1. Yes, indeed. And it's pretty obvious he's the Dark Side's mayoral front-runner.

      A perfect puppet. Dumb as a box of rocks, does what he's told.

  3. I ran 6 miles last night and counted just for fun. I spit 13 times. That would be a lot of tickets. I can report to Councilman Knucklehead that enforcement appears to be fairly relaxed.

  4. To bad your name isn't Mark Infotainme, then we could call you Mark Spitz and Lane Bajardi could post your true identity all over the internet because he is a bitter High School only educated douche. Oops: too late, already happened on Hoboken 411.

    Keep spitting info. This ordinance is poo. Watch Lane go nuts. He hates mention of the word poo or phrases like purple pillow plopper.


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