Standing Up to Bullies

Matt Calicchio and Beth Mason meet outside after Zimmer's SOTC, January 25,2012. Note their arms around each other. Cute couple! This was after Calicchio was charged with harassing a BoE official in the presence of her 5 year-old. GA witnessed Calicchio hanging around the Wallace playground after recess last September.  Did Mason send her employee (Calicchio)  there?  Did he harass the mother 'on the clock'?   credit: MSV

GA will have more to say later, but here is a shout-out to those victims of a systematic campaign  against Reform's activists, elected officials and public officials using the COURTS and the media to suppress free speech and civic participation.

GA is proud of all of you for standing up. 

And there is quite a bit going on 'behind-the-scenes' which I look forward to sharing with you.

Did you know that Matt Calicchio is on Beth Mason's payroll?   He seems to be the COURT guy. Filing complaints or provoking them.

And James Barracato?  He's the media guy.  Meets with publishers and reporters.  Does photoshops.  Peddles Nazi narratives.

There is a LOT of money changing hands here.  A LOT.   Ad revenue, payroll we can see.  We can only speculate on promises, or donations funneled through shell companies.

The targets don't have much dough.  But, thank G-d it seems to me we've the got balls to stand up to bullies.


  1. sure that's they way they like it....and when someone does get targeted they seem to loose their jobs..... things seem to break down....just guess its bad luck.

    regardless a couple of years back we couldnt even post on anyone can post because u and horsey take most of the heat ...:) thank you guys....its was ridiculousness that people had to live in fear of writing what they want

    nice post on a veterans week and weekend to remind us that we are all free to be and say what we feel in this beautiful USA


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