MSV's Bombshell: Hoboken411 & Ricciardi

Big props to Da Horsey of MSV on today's bombshell exclusive.

What Da Horsey uncovered seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle: how did Hoboken411 get it's 'leaked documents'  for alleged ghostwriter (and Beth Mason political strategist) Lane Bajardi to fashion into online  'exclusives'?

For example: how did Klaussen get the specific, detailed terms of the City's $2,000,000 settlement proposal which it published with an  anti-Zimmer administration diatribe then picked up by Beth Mason, who handily quoted her 'news source'?

How did these confidential City documents wind up on the pages of Hoboken411?

Folks, Da Horsey found the proverbial missing puzzle piece.

MSV discovered Perry Klaussen made multiple visits to Patrick Ricciardi's office via the employee entrance on the basement level avoiding the guest sign-in sheet.
  •  Why didn't these 2 technology whizzes just chat by email, instant-messaging, telephone, or texts?
  •  Why did Klaussen sneak into the building via the Employee entrance?  
Klaussen and Ricciardi know the answer. And GA imagines that neither have told this story to the FBI.

Why would they?

Why would Ricciardi give up a friend to the Feds when there are no electronic fingerprints on this (alleged) data smuggling operation? 

Why would Klaussen volunteer this information when his covert employee-entrance visits were to avoid detection and therfore accountability?   GA's no lawyer, but sneaking in the back way to the office of the mastermind of City Hall's wire fraud conspiracy- Patrick Ricciardi- suggests that 'materials' were being handed over.

Was Klaussen acting as a courier? 

Not only for documents to be used for Bajardi's ghostwritten  Hoboken411 copy, but for smuggling large amounts of data out of City Hall to a wealthy benefactress and her not-paid-for-friendship operatives?

Does this explain the Mason jihad for the emails of selected administration employees?

MSV's story raises so many questions.

GA wonders whether the FBI has missed this one- with no electronic fingerprints; downloading data on a flash drive or hard disk would be invisible and untraceable.

All the FBI needs to do is ASK.  And  Klaussen may not wish to 'protect' bigger fish when asked.

One thing was clear from the Ricciardi complaint: the Feds read the blogs.
 8. Evidence of this schism in the City is apparent through the postings of articles and comments on City-related issues to different weblogs, or "blogs."
And how would they know that? *wink*


  1. In addition to deposing Klaussen to determine how he illegally obtained the emails, the FBI have probably also looked into the security camera tapes for that entrance and also question city hall employees who let Klaussen into the building. The employee entrance is locked from the outside, though it would be possible to slip in when clerks are taking smoking breaks. Which they do A LOT!

    1. Is it a keypad (code) access entry? Or a card key access? Or just a cylinder-lock?

      Anybody know?

    2. Employee entrance on First Street is a keyed entry.

  2. Well, there you go.

    Yoo hoo, FBI-friends...

    How about hooking Klaussen up to a lie detector, then asking if he was ever given the City Hall employee entrance keypad code, and if so, by whom?


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