Mason Staffer's Court Date Tomorrow

Matt Calicchio accompanies Beth Mason to a Fox Hills community meeting on April 17, 2012. credit: MSV

Beth Mason Staffer, Matt Calicchio, will finally face the music at 1 pm in a Union City municipal court tomorrow, charged with harassing a mother in front of her 5 year-old daughter outside Wallace School.

Why would he 'allegedly' do this?

The mother is an elected School Board official on a coalition opposed by Beth Mason, Calicchio's employer.  That's Kids First.

The Kids First mom was 'allegedly' followed into a pizzeria by the Mason staffer, where he sat across from her and her little one and stared at them.  He did not order any food there.   The much larger man sat and watched the mother and her little girl.  And watched. 

That incident happened in September 2011.

Ah... sweet.  Calicchio and Mason, arms entwined after the SOTC on Jane 25, 2012. credit: MSV

Was it the same day GA observed Callichio lurking at Wallace school?

I don't know.  But it was last September.

GA witnessed Calicchio on Wallace School grounds at recess, standing outside the gate (street level) facing in to the playground (below street level).  Calicchio stared at me as I searched for my 8 year-old daughter in the crowd of children. He continued to stare as I spoke to Wallace Principal Jay Medlin about whether her teacher had dismissed the class yet.

Personally, the big fellow doesn't intimidate me, but recall being disturbed at his presence at a school among children.   With good reason, apparently.  Um, allegedly.

Why was he sent there?  Allegedly.

Calicchio and Mason leave a BoE meeting.  credit: MSV

Perhaps the answer will be forthcoming tomorrow at his trial.  Perhaps the prosecutor will ask what he was doing at the school, and if he was 'on the clock' for Beth Mason at the time he was  there.

I saw him there in September- not alleged.

Some of Mason's political opponents and critics are (also) mothers.  Is nothing sacred?  Allegedly?

Stay tuned for more.

Matt Calicchio leaves the SOTC with Beth Mason. The two arrived and departed separately and did not sit near each other at the event.  credit: MSV


  1. Callichio was banned from Fox Hills- what was he doing there and why did the security guard let him in?


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