The Lesson of Roque

Much ado about a recall (buy this stylish cap
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Yesterday's arrest of West New York Mayor Felix Roque and his son, Joseph for the hacking and attempted take-down of is a lesson to all Hudson County elected officials.

But not the one you think.

What struck GA about the father and son operation is their emotional reaction to an opposition tactic- a 'mean' recall website.

That a Hudson County politician familiar with our native muddy milieu would be so thin-skinned about a dopey recall-stunt is really shocking.   Imagine, he was pissed-off enough by it to risk his political career to destroy it.

But his inability to ignore it destroyed him.

So, elected officials.  How to avoid Roque's fate?

Don't read the blogs or opposition web sites. Stay OFF.  Let your surrogates do that for you. Understand, you will be savaged in that old Hudson County way. If you can't take it, you shouldn't be in politics.

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Yes, the net is a powerful organizing tool and way for political activists to share and disseminate information the mainstream doesn't. How much of it bubbles up into the general public is the question.

Because the political blogosphere is rife with operatives, an official will be fooled into thinking the discourse is 'real' when in fact it's not.  For years, Lane Bajardi and his wife, Kim Cardinal, have posted under a dizzying array of screen names on Hoboken411 and now on Patch. James Barracato, formerly known as Hudson Shark has used a variety of names on  All three spew a lot of    canned-drek. (When Barracato isn't busy trying to peddle Nazi narratives to The Hoboken Reporter).

So, elected officials stay off.

Like Hoboken Mayor Zimmer. 

Sorry ops but the Mayor does NOT doesn't read Hoboken411, MSV, or GA- nor do her antennae bleep, bleep bleep orders to us on what to write. That's a fact.  Zimmer has no idea how she's been defiled on Hoboken411 or praised on GA.  Or how her life was threatened on Hoboken411.  Unless she was told by a surrogate.

(Has the HPD paid this guy a visit yet? This post is still up.)

As for Roque, the Jersey Journal has a fascinating timeline posted.  Which illustrates the effort Roque and son are alleged to gone to in order to silence the opposition.

And that's the last lesson.  Let your opposition speak.

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