Hoboken Votes!

Are you registered to vote?  Your significant other?

Have you moved to Hoboken recently but haven't registered yet?

Do you know someone who isn't registered?

Hoboken Votes, the new BI-PARTISAN citywide voter registration drive will have a table at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival this Sunday.  

The Festival looks like this:

And the weather will look like this:

Wow, what a gorgeous day to be outside, strolling along Washington Street between Observer Highway and Seventh Streets... looking at the artists' and vendors' wares, listening to great music, stuffing your face with zeppoles, mozzarepa, or ANY of the delicious street fare and...

Hoboken Votes  will have a table to register you to vote,  and where you can find forms and information!

So, Donkeys and Elephants. Libs and Conservatives,  Libertarians, Green Party people, Undecideds... come on down!

Whether you like this guy:

Or this guy (GA's pick):

DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to register! Please.  GA anticipates chaos in a presidential election year, so best you register early- like  NOW.

Here are some important voter registration deadlines:

If you CAN'T make it to the Hoboken Votes table on Sunday,  click here for online voter registration or here for a NJ voter registration application download.

Want to Vote by Mail (VBM) or know someone who would benefit from the convenience? 

Click here  for a VBM application and HERE for information on Voting By Mail- it is SO easy!

How about it, people?  GA loves to vote.   How about it you?

See you on Sunday!


  1. Thanks, GA, for publicizing this effort! Voting is a sacred duty on the part of every resident in our Democracy (even though our Democracy doesn't seem very democratic these days. Go OWS!). Hopefully, the Vote by Mail effort in 2013 will not be tainted to the same degree as it was in the last the election for 4th Ward Council seat. We need the Feds back in here to deal with this issue!

  2. ...there are times when votes DO really count.

    I moved to Hoboken in early 1989 and changed my voter registration just in time for the May 89 referendum on what to do with Pier A. The proposal to put buildings on the pier lost by 6 votes. I like to think I was one of them.

    1. That's what made me register in Hoboken also!

  3. small correction: the referendum effort to stop the Port Authority redevelopment project won by 12 votes (the first time.)


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