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GA's favorite cartoonist is (the not-dead) R. Crumb

Come and Get Your Free Comic Books

Hoboken’s Traders of Babylon Participates in Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 5th

Hoboken’s only comic book store Traders of Babylon will join thousands of comic book shops around the world in celebrating the comic book art form on Saturday, May 5th.  Since its beginning in 2002, Free Comic Book Day has become a fan phenomenon, eagerly anticipated each year as resource for discovering graphic treasures and terrific reading.

Who doesn't love Fritz the Cat?
By participating in Free Comic Book Day, Traders of Babylon is spreading the word that comics are perfect for today’s times.  “The wide array of comic books being published today ensures that readers of all ages — kids, teens, and adults – can find something to stir their imaginations,” says Stephen Kilnisan, the shop’s owner.   “Even if you have never picked up a comic book, stop by on Saturday because you never know what you will end up finding.”

On Free Comic Book Day, kids of all ages can choose 20 different titles from a selection of 100 for their comic collections. No purchase is required.

(GA Note: Fritz the Cat is NOT for children)

GA's a Freak Brothers fan- love the comics from that era.  (by Gilbert Shelton)
Traders of Babylon specializes in both mainstream and independent, alternative-genre comic books and graphic novels, both modern and back-issues. Owner Stephen Kilnisan is an advocate for small presses with alternative distribution and prominently displays an independent comic book section in his store’s downtown Hoboken location.  In addition, the shop also sells original artwork and various comic book memorabilia in a super-sized space of more than 4,000 square feet.

GA has this book.  Tom Tomorrow's a genius.
Free Comic Book Day kicks off at 10:00 am and runs until 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 5th.

Traders of Babylon  is located in Hoboken’s iconic Neumann Leathers Building at 66 Willow Ave., Suite A.    Call 201-659-0802 for more information.

GA Note: Thank you Traders of Babylon. Check it out on Saturday, folks. Get your free comics but keep the kiddies away from Fritz!


  1. Speaking of cartoons - it's Keith Haring's birthday. Click on Google. I had Haring pictures on the refrigerator the whole time my kids were growing up. Some would say that's an insult to a great artist, but I don't think KH would have.

  2. Not at all, Info. I remember (way back) seeing his drawings on blank subway-advertisement canvases- that's when he was anonymous.

    Haring would have painted your frig himself.

    He was very influential among artists in his generation. My friend, Moses Ros, was a contemporary and uses similar iconic imagery:

  3. Free Comic Book Day is #&%* POW @$%& SPLATT !&% UNGPHF ?%&* almost more fun than a reader ought to have! Nice post here Avenger! To see Keith Haring and Tom Tomorrow evoked on the same page makes my heart sing! For those with a comic book sensibility that are now contemplating the action in orthopedic shoe catalogs, let me make the following suggestions, neither of which are comic books, but both very graphically oriented:
    "Mental Floss" (my secret to coming off as more intelligent than I am):
    "Funny Times" -liberal doses of Tom Tomorrow and other greats of forward thought, and way left of center, as we all oughta be (-sorry Horsey, it's true):

    Just go ahead and subscribe, you big lug. Tell them p1y sent you and receive a free furrowed-brow stare! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    Lat one to see "The Avengers" is a rotten egg!

    Happy Free Comic Book Day! See you at Trader of Babylon! And remember, virtue always triumphs over villainy!

    Love ya GA and Info! Viva la revolucion! Or as Stan Lee is like to say, "Excelsior!"

    1. Luv ya too, ply. Thanks for the links!

  4. Steve and his mom have been staples of the Hoboken arts and business community for decades and run a comprehensive and unique shop that you can get lost in for hours. Taking my daughter there each Wednesday afternoon when new comics arrive has become a weekly highlight for both of us. We'll be there tomorrow -- before the sitter arrives so wifey and I can go catch The Avengers!

    Oh, and great selection, GA! Crumb, Shelton, Tomorrow -- all faves of mine too. I'd also rank Kurtzman, Clowes and Ware up there. Not that I don't still get plenty wrapped up in some of the superhero fare as well...

  5. Oh, and on a slightly tangential note -- the legendary db's are headlining the Arts & Music Fest on Sunday at 4:45 -- for those unfamiliar, we're talking jangle-pop-pioneering contemporaries and neighbors (one state over) of R.E.M., Let's Active, etc., very Byrds/Big Star-influenced, even compared by some to Tom Petty. Also playing at 1:15 is the Demolition String Band, featuring Elena Skye and one of Hoboken's great Guitar Bar instructors, Boo Reiners.

    A great weekend for arts & entertainment in Hoboken!

  6. A correction, R. Crumb is alive and well.

    1. Phew! Lucky for him!

      Thanks, Cheese.


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