FinBoy© Pitches a Fit

GA's heard from multiple disparate sources that James 'FinBoy©' Barracato is not a happy tuna.

It appears this fishy is suffering from exposure, feels betrayed, and is not pleased with the return on his investment of Beth Mason Benjamins on a series of Page 3 ad purchases in The Hoboken Reporter.  

Beth Mason page 3 ad buys on May 6, 13, 20 and 27 editions of The Hoboken Reporter.

It appears there was some kind of quid pro quo arrangement between Barracato and the paper- at least in FinBoy©'s mind.

You see, back in April he and Beth Mason had a face-to-face meeting with a new reporter there.  They provided him with 'materials' for a hit piece on Mason's (blogging) critics, alleging Nazi discourse and films had been used against her.  Well, FinBoy© did such a thorough job of indoctrination that GA recognized the reporter's questions as originating from a familiar Weehawken fish tank . 

Imagine that- this prideful fishy marches in and out of the offices of The Hoboken Reporter with the kind of access only Mason's checkbook can buy.

If you read GA then you know the rest of the story.

In a nutshell, Horsey and I blew their shit up. Once the Barracato behind-the-curtain machinations were exposed, the hit piece was killed.

Worse, the tricky tuna was caught on his own hook- his electronic signature was left on a Photoshopped 'screen shot' offered as evidence to The Reporter.

GA calls it karma.  FinBoy© called it betrayal.  What do you call it?

Yep, Barracato was furious  his (and Beth Mason's) face-to-face meeting with the reporter was published here.  And humiliated that he left electronic fin-prints all over his doctored 'evidence'.

Enter Al Sullivan. 

GA suspects Al thought The Hoboken Reporter needed to 'respond', and burst an artery of ink on it this past weekend.  In it, he published the name, James Barracato, identified him as an operative, and made it CLEAR that the 'evidence' submitted to the Reporter had all context removed.

Yes, Barracato's denial was published, but it was lame and easily disproven. Barracato claimed he scrubbed text and images from the 'screen shot' because it was "8 pages long".   Have you seen the post, folks?  It's perhaps 2 pages- 3 at most.

No FinBoy©, you cooked up 'evidence' for your evil Mason-funded plot and got BUSTED. 

Thanks to Al Sullivan,  Barracato's exposure as a klutzy-operative went from local Hoboken blogs to ALL of Hudson County AND he didn't get his hit piece published AND Beth Mason's ad buys are under more scrutiny than ever AND it looks like his influence at The Hoboken Reporter is waning...

Well, multiple sources report that Barracato blew up at Dave Unger, publisher of The Hoboken Reporter!  Loudly.  Waaaaaaaaah.  Imagine that!   What would make him THINK he could march over to a newspaper publisher and SCREAM at him for telling the truth in his paper?

GA applauds Al Sullivan for letting us know WHO tried to deceive your paper.  And smear me. The only part missing was on whose behalf.  But GA heard a rumor your piece may have had some editorial tweaking. Is it true?

As you know Al, these ad buys and FinBoy© strong-arming Unger is Mason's effort to co-opt The Hoboken Reporter now that her former media venue,, is a graveyard.

What Unger needs to realize is that the influence of Mason and her operatives made that site so partisan and nasty  that it drove away traffic and destroyed any credibility the site had.  Unger would be advised to stay far away from the Mason crowd, and talk more to folks on the 'other' side.

And FinBoy©, you need to understand that messing with people's lives has consequences.  For you.


  1. awesome work, GA. kudos for hanging tough and not being intimidated by these wanna-be politicos.

  2. Let's hope Mr. Unger, after Barracato's outburst, now understands who he's doing business with when he agrees to take Beth Mason's advertising dollars and let's her lead their publishing content and editorial choices.

    If Mason would go to these extremes to try to silence the true, negative postings of bloggers in our tiny town - and god knows there's enough material, consider how she'd react if false statements were being made?

    And she thinks she's cut out for higher political office?


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