Earwitness Rumor: Ruben's Out!

Folks, GA's been sitting on this one because it's been such a busy week- for me. 

But in fact with the imminent savaging coming from The Hoboken Reporter- and GA hears that the response on the blogs has only hardened their resolve to pound us as 'divisive' and 'causing a rift' in the Hoboken's political cosmos- this Earwitness Rumor provides a context for this sudden interest in the (Reform) blogosphere.

Before GA tells you the Earwitness Rumor, shall we all have a laugh at the notion that POT (the HR) is calling the KETTLE  (blogs) "divisive" after the Dave Mello-massacre on this week's cover?

We'll circle back to that.

OK, so... this one's been floating about. Whispers here and there.

But until GA heard from two impeccable sources, both political 'insiders' I didn't post this Earwitness Rumor.

Here's the first, got this one from a local source last week:
FYI the Timmy for Mayor thing is real - The plan is Russo becomes freeholder, Mason becomes assembly woman and Timmy runs for Mayor. I don't think they've figured out what to do with Ruben.
Hear that, Ruben?  Then this one floated in from a source is outside of Hoboken. 

Ruben has blown his support at the county level – he was given every opportunity to show that he could contribute and raise money. But he hasn’t. He has no real base outside of the 4th Ward in Hoboken and has pissed off Sires. He is expendable. 
Wow, the game of musical chairs comes to mind.  And when the music stops- Timmy, Mason and Russo are seated and... Ruben's out!

Buh-bye, Ruben.

GA also heard from EYE-witnesses at the Malibu Diner who saw Mason, Pupie Raia,  James Barracato -the Mason flack who gives dictation to The Hoboken Reporter-and a 4th unidentified man   at a sit-down last week.  And the private rear dining room was opened for their use.  

So, the escalation of the War-on-Blogs, ostensibly pitched to the Hoboken Reporter by Mason operative Barracato-with her complaints about the 'divisiveness' and cries of victimization would seem to have everything to do with her ambition to run for NJ State Assembly.

Neutralizing her critics, step 1.

Thank goodness, The Hoboken Reporter is on board!

Well, just so you know Hoboken Reporter... GA supports Mason's run for State Assembly (sorry, Ruben).  In fact, I am in charge of her campaign (self-appointed)- see below:


  1. i just keep thinking that the old guard is in for major embarrassment with a timmy-for-mayor effort. i mean, c'mon, no open-minded person can listen to him and think "yeah, he's leadership material!" no way. they will have to buy LOTS of votes in every ward to pull that one off.

    russo as freeholder...hmm.

    1. Timmay won't be mayor. He will have people telling him what to do. My guess is the main puppeteer will be his chief of staff. That chief of staff I am sure will have orders from Timmay's financial backers on what Timmay is supposed to do including suggestions on which ribbons to cut, how to pose for pictures, who to appoint to what boards to make decisions for him, which people get hired to run things in this town for his backers & so forth. Timmay will just sit on the throne, smile & every so often someone will wipe the drool off his chin.

  2. Russo as freeholder? Outside of Hoboken, why would people vote for a guy who is on tape stating that he will take a bribe and whose family is toxic? I don't get it.

    1. I don't either. Granted no other part of hudson county has a blogging community anything close to Hoboken. But that tape will still get around.

    2. Russo 4 Freeloader- Does that mean Romano, like the Hoboken taxpayer is getting the short end of the "Stick"?

    3. "russo for freeloader", LOL! how does that differ from what he does now?!

  3. Ruben gets my vote in the primary vs. Mason unless someone more to my liking runs. I will not vote for that vile witch.

    1. Please, as a witch, I'm insulted to be lumped with her.

    2. And I think female canines would be insulted to be lumped with her if you change the w to a b.

    3. You underestimate the power and appeal of the Harridan of Hudson Street - oh she of the Masonic Temple of Doom! Beth is a Catholic Jewish Hindu Buddhist Wiccan Agnostic Hermaphroditic Democratic Republican who eats only humanely harvested vegetables cooked in the kosher manner. She's so amazingly versatile, she turned 50 four times!


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