Earwitness Report

According to an earwitness, The Hoboken Reporter has completed a story about the controversial proposed 5th taxpayer-funded Hoboken school district- but the earwitness cites that only one  member of the deeply divided 9 member School Board was interviewed.

Guess who?

Political partisan Maureen Sullivan. Yikes.

Since resigning from the Kids First slate in 2009, Sullivan has been prolific in attacking her former colleagues in print, online and at School Board meetings.

Should we expect anything different in the upcoming HR piece?

GA hopes so, but history tells a different story.

These are anti-Kids First diatribes  by Maureen Sullivan published on the Editorial pages of The Hoboken Reporter:
In short, no member of the Kids First majority- who support Superintendent Toback's position FOR public school children and AGAINST depleting their budget by $1.4 million- a Draconian cut that could result in 25% class size increases and reduced 'non-core curriculum' programs (band?  theater? Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented?)- none of the BoE majority were contacted by The Hoboken Reporter to explain the devastating consequences for our 1,800 public school children.

Why not?  Their email addresses are listed on the Hoboken BoE site.

According to GA's earwitness, The Reporter only spoke to  a political partisan - coincidentally on the same side as frequent  Gallery 1200 ad-buyer Councilwoman Beth Mason and her political operative and Hoboken Reporter source, James Barracato.

GA hopes that all sides are given an opportunity to speak to our press next time.