Doubling Down

Somebody sent this to me:

Wow. She doesn't get it.

Playing the victim of a blogger for words that came out of her own mouth.  

I would tell Ms. Kearns that bashing GA may play well locally, but I'm not her problem.  If she doesn't get that, then she doesn't understand the wider dimensions of a School Board member disrespecting a religious minority in public.

First, the facts.

Public schools are closed 5 days for Christmas, 5 days for Easter, 1 day for Good Friday and 1/2 day for Holy Thursday.  These are the holiest days on the Christian calendar.  

Public schools are closed 1 day for Yom Kippur and 1 day for Rosh Hashanah. These are the holiest days on the Jewish calendar. 

At the May 8th meeting, Kearns (now I am told others in her coalition supported her argument) argued against having both Jewish school holidays on the district calendar, citing if we grant one of the Jewish High Holy days off, then St. Patrick's Day should be observed, too.

These are the facts.  There were many witnesses.  Yes, I have blogged about it. But GA is a small venue in a mile-sqare city.

Ms. Kearns needs to understand her words have a life of their own, and my help is/was not needed for her words to travel.  And they are traveling without my help, without my doing.  It's gone beyond me.

Let's call it a brush-fire.

Hostility toward a religious minority will not play well from a School Board member, especially among families with Jewish children in public school. Anywhere.

Such open disrespect for these students' religious observation encourages bullying of these children for their religious differences.  Everywhere. 

 Humility and compassion are what's called for.  Not blame.


  1. She is a moron. If the schools closed for every Saint's day then they'd be closed most of the year.

    BTW, I fail to see how this woman can claim she needs St. Patrick's Day off from school when the Roman Catholic Church doesn't even require her to go to mass that day. It isn't on the Liturgical Calendar at all.

  2. She'd have been better off claiming a need for All Saints Day (November 1). :)


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