BREAKING: Mason- Hoboken Reporter Smear Plot EXPOSED

This is the 'Nazi' video (top) the Hoboken Reporter accused Da Horsey of creating. It is one of a series of 'Nazi' parodies skewering political figures on ALL SIDES of the divide on 411Hoboken's  YouTube Channel.  So why did the HR go after Horsey? GA will tell you.

Folks, GA received an unprecedented response to yesterday's 'Anatomy of a Political Hit'.

In it, I'd  posted my full, unedited email exchange with Stephen LaMarca of The Hoboken Reporter after receiving questions for a piece being written on Hoboken's political blogs.

The problem?

The questions were skewed, their premises straight out of Camp Mason with LaMarca "allowing me to defend myself" against unnamed accusers.
 "Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested."

GA smelled a nasty hit job brewing.

Another clue of the coming smear: manic 'new' commenters popping up on the HR web site doth-protesting way, way too much about this blog- a Camp Mason M.O. 

And that's why I posted my exchange with LaMarca.   To release my unedited, unfiltered, unspun response before the Hoboken Reporter started swinging the hatchet for Beth Mason.

As it turned out, GA was not the only target.

 Here's where the wheels come off for Mason and The Hoboken Reporter: LaMarca had contacted Da Horsey with other questions as well...  concerning a "Nazi propaganda film":

"I had a few questions for you regarding you(r) portrayal of Beth Mason/Michael Russo in the Nazi videos. Please call me or e-mail me when you get a chance."

Wait a minute... LaMarca was attributing a Nazi video containing Mason/Russo to... Horsey? 

The video LaMarca referred to was posted by  someone called 411Hoboken. and is plainly listed on 411Hoboken's YouTube Channel.  His 'Nazi' parody subjects include:  Zimmer-allies Councilman Michael Lenz, Kids First Clifford Godfrey, Rose Markle, Theresa Minutillo and Zimmer opponents Beth Mason and Mike Russo.
So, how the hell did LaMarca get the idea that Horsey had created it?

GA went to a source I will call Casserole.

All I can tell you about this source is embedded on the other side, and if I tell you why  he/she is talking to me that will expose him/her. So he she must remain mysterious, like the ingredients of a casserole (don't tell me you know what the hell you're eating) hence, the name. All you need to  know is this Casserole is impeccable, definitely not half-baked.

With knowledge of what went down between The HR and 1200 Washington Street. The story can be told in his/her texts.

GA  asked Casserole how much involvement Beth Mason had in planting this attack piece with The Reporter.

Neck Deep.

'James' is James Barracato, paid political operative.  I asked Casserole if they had met personally with reporter Stephen LaMarca.

Interesting.  So Mason and her political operative get face-time with LaMarca, but the accused get to "defend" themselves via email or a phone call.

Another thing about a face-to-face meeting: materials can be delivered. 

Like a dvd of the 'Nazi video' which would explain why the Hoboken Reporter didn't pick up on the fact that the video was on the 411Hoboken YouTube Channel and not done by Horsey.

No, Mason and Barracato fed LaMarca the (easily debunkable) lie that Horsey had created the 'Nazi' video.

How does GA know?

Get it?

Mason and Barracato get face-time with The Hoboken Reporter where they feed them the OUTRAGEOUS LIE that Horsey created some 'Nazi' parody.

Those who have to 'defend' themselves DON'T.

GA was told that these two peddled a narrative that 'Zimmer-bloggers' were producing 'Nazi'-themed attacks on Mason, Russo and other political opponents... and the Hoboken reporter BOUGHT it, hook line and sinker.

No face-time for the accused.  This did not have to play out on the internet.

GA telephoned the HR Editor, Gene Richings, yesterday at 1:12 pm and followed up with this email at 1:50 pm:

Hello Gene,
My apologies for the long, droning message on your voicemail.

I was contacted yesterday by Stephen LaMarca on your paper for a piece he's doing about the blogs. A good subject- then I read the questions. The questions were premised on what (I believe)Stephen was fed by unnamed anti-Zimmer political operatives who have been attacking my pro-reform blog for well over 2 years. Stephen then told me I had an opportunity to "defend myself". 

The issue of Mason portrayed in a "Nazi film" was raised. The group who did that film, 411Hoboken, has done the SAME "Nazi film" parodies of Zimmer's ALLIES- the Kids First School Board, and Michael Lenz, (former) City Councilman. Whomever pitched the notion that such tripe was coming from 'Zimmer bloggers' has spun you and is trying to get you to write a hit piece.
See for yourself:

By the way, this group does not appear to have ANY political affiliation- they make fun of EVERYONE. Here is their YouTube Channel: Just so you know, I don't find this funny. I am a Jewish woman, with many relatives killed in Warsaw and Lodz Poland.

Mr. Richings, it is clear from my contact with the Hoboken Reporter that you are writing a hit piece, and I know the motivations of the people who are feeding you skewed fact. I am discussing this with my lawyer and I urge you to be responsible with what you print about me and to do your due diligence.

I have blogged a piece in anticipation of the trashing that seems to be imminent, and called you as a courtesy to give you a heads-up. 

GA has gotten no response.

Yes, folks it's true.

A sitting City Councilwoman, Beth Mason and her paid political operative James Barracato tried to SMEAR Da Horsey and destroy his reputation and credibility.

GA was used as CONTEXT to back up their narrative based on a single incident that is nearly 3 years old.

  • Why did the Hoboken Reporter fall in line with this easily debunk-able political hit job?
  • Why did they adopt unquestioningly the story of a POLITICAN (Mason) and her paid political operative (Barracato)?

Hoboken Reporter: how about answering THAT question for the PUBLIC?

In my text exchange , GA suggested that Mason was trying to make herself look like a VICTIM again (remember how she compared herself to real victim Gabby Giffords).

Casserole's reply:

You mean "orchestrates".

And that's what Mason did. Orchestrate this hit job on Da Horsey. 

GA's got MORE on why Mason is looking to take down the blogs... that is coming, people.

Thank you, Casserole.


  1. By publishing a story like the one that the Reporter seems poised and ready to print, they tip their hand and reveal that they are not interested in covering news, but prefer to serve corrupt mini-politicians like Mason at the expense of our city. The reasons are many.

    The real story - the one The Reporter won't write - is about why would bloggers write posts uncovering the destructive forces of people like the council minority, and why would the public write the comments they do?

    No. Instead, they do the bidding of an imbalanced woman like Mason, who by turns, pretends to be Jewish or Catholic or Italian or whatever, when it suits her. She exploits the holocaust to silence one of the only people who dares to call her out on her destructive behavior.

    This is a new low for The Reporter whose publisher and editors need to ask themselves: But for Mason's money and the powerfully corrupt people she is connected to, would you entertain such a story?

    If the publisher of the Jersey Journal - The Star Ledger - ever turned that paper around and elevated the journalistic standards, The Reporter would be gone in a heartbeat.

  2. the ONLY reason the hoboken reporter exists is real estate advertising. they wouldn't have two pennies to rub together without all the condo/co-op/rental ads, and they have no actual interest in covering news. money talks (even back in the day when newspapers in general were healthier, forget about now), and when an advertiser -- in this case, beth mason and her perpetual campaign -- tells them to jump, they say "how high?"

    i bet ray smith wouldn't have approached this story this way. if he was forced to write it, he'd probably at least have the professional courtesy to sit down with all parties, and also go back to mason and get her reactions to facts provided by MSV and GA instead of only the other way around.

    1. Agreed, but if they're counting on real estate agencies' advertising indefinitely, they should all start looking for jobs now. Advertising real estate in a weekly newspaper - a free one at that - is not effective for a dynamically changing market.

      To attract other advertisers, they may try to increase circulation through these contemptible articles, but they need to remember, their readership is much smaller than the number of papers they pump out.

      We can only hope that they use recycled paper and soy-based inks.

  3. Does it ever freakin' end for this Harpy and her spikey-haired Fin-Boy??? Of course, Fin-Boy's getting paid, so he'll pretty much go along with anything. But, Mason keeps on and on and on in her own psychotic fashion. I think we've all predicted that one day she will go too far and get slapped with a lawsuit. That day can't come soon enough.

  4. With "enemies" like this I sometimes struggle to understand why the council isn't 6-3. That would have saved us $millions -literally- and might've helped us hold on to one or more professionals who are tired of the game-playing.


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