*Breaking* Hoboken411 Posts DEATH THREAT to Zimmer

 Did you see that?

 Here it is, a little closer:

GA discovered the death threat after going to the site to check the "Hoboken Dogs to get a 7-day death sentence?" article which some believe was coordinated with Councilman Tim Occhipinti 's Facebook campaign.  Occhipinti had suggested the City's Animal Control service contract  stated they kill pets after 7 days:

Incendiary stuff.

So, I was dismayed to discover NO correction or clarification to the article, even though the accusation had been corrected by a representative of the shelter at the City Council meeting. Yes,  shelter animals were NOT put down for any reason other than extreme sickness or injury and many have been boarded there a year or more.   So why not correct this slur on a fine pet rescue organization?

Then, reading through the comments  found the death threat to Mayor Zimmer made by rabid poster bornandrazedinhobo.  This poster always struck GA as unhinged, irrational- so much hatred for the mayor.  But to suggest that she "be killed"?

This guy needs to be checked out...

What is he capable of, and why is Klaussen posting death threats?  Worse, he responded to it, made a joke, and it's there 2 days later.

Political operatives called the HPD to have GA arrested for a satirical letter to the F.B.I.   What will be the HPD's response to an actual death threat on Hoboken411?   

Why do politicians Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti patronize a web site that would post a death threat to the mayor?

How ironic, Beth Mason and James Barracato had to manufacture a story out of whole cloth about GA and Da Horsey,  a story to plant in The Hoboken Reporter.

Well HERE is a story, fellas. 

Will Beth Mason and Tim Ochippinti denounce the DEATH THREAT to the mayor on Hoboken411?

Will Mason and Occhipinti demand that it be removed immediately?

Will they continue to patronize a web site that engages in such conduct?


  1. Beth Mason supports a website that posts death threats about her political opponents like Zimmer. In 2009 she called for Hoboken 411 to be the City's website. That site is trash and read by trash. It is time we took out the trash and took her out. Not by harming her but by recalling her unless the FBI gets her and her henchmen first.

  2. three and a half hours later, and that comment and h411 reply are still there. most of the time i just think of perry and that site as a bunch of goofballs, but sometimes they are actually quite vile.

  3. It wasn't political operatives who called the police to go spend time learning about the abject threat of Star Trek Vulcan phony grip pretense but Beth Mason, her minion and Tim Occhipinti.

    This is how Vermont Klaussen is going out. What's a little death threat before you pack up and head out of town.


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