BREAKING: Barracato Leaves Electronic Fingerprints on Doctored 'Evidence' to Hoboken Reporter

left panel: Barracato's doctored 'screenshot', right panel:  Barracato left his electronic signature on the altered screenshot. 

Wow, talk about inept.

GA has CAUGHT Beth Mason's political operative James Barracato red-handed submitting a photoshopped 'screen shot' of a GA post to The Hoboken ReporterBarracato has been peddling the narrative that GA and Da Horsey are using 'Nazi' imagery/iconography/video etc. in our online discourse, painting his employer, Mike Russo and others on The Dark Side as 'victims'.

What a lying schmuck.  This is defamatory should the HR go to print with this.

And now GA has caught Barracato submitting a doctored Photoshop of a GA story to spin it as a 'Nazi' reference.

Don't believe it?   Here are the facts:
  • Barracato removed the title, text  and graphics from the screenshot- 'cleaned' the page- and represented it to the Hoboken Reporter as a 'screenshot' from Grafix Avenger.
  • Barracato submitted the falsified, alleged GA 'screenshot' to The Hoboken Reporter for their  story about alleged use of Nazi imagery/iconography, etc. by bloggers against political opponents.
  •  Barracato told the Hoboken Reporter that I'd blogged about a (Nazi) gas chamber.  The screen shot was his 'evidence'.
 But what did GA's post have to do with Nazis or gas chambers?


Which is why Barracato falsified the screenshot of my page before he submitted it to The Hoboken Reporter.

And I KNOW he sent it to the HR, and I KNOW he called it a 'screenshot' because it was forwarded to me like this: 
"I made someone send me the screen shot of your site about the gas chamber..."

Of course, the IDENTITY of it's author was withheld by my source. 

No problem.  Because the 'screenshot''s author forgot to erase his electronic signature:

Can you believe he left his signature on it?

It says "James Barracato".

Schmuck!  With the date and time he cooked it up.

Interesting that Barracato conjured this on 5/2/12--  the same day GA posted: BREAKING: Mason Peddles Hit Piece to the Hoboken Reporter. 


I had put up my post in the morning (6:35 am) and Barracato had created this 'evidence' that night (10:23 pm).  Here is exactly what he sent:

So, the very day Barracato's nasty scheme was exposed on GA, the operative came up with this vicious plan to FRAME this blog.  He HAD to. Because his feverish search of this blog found NOTHING to support his "Nazi discourse' narrative.

So what did he do?

He found a post about the HUMC, it contained the words 'gas chamber' and WITH THE DOCTORED 'SCREENSHOT' pitched this as 'Nazi discourse'.

Read the post for yourself.

Below is a side-by-side so you can see the 'cooked' one next to the actual one:

Left side: Barracato's fraud that he submitted to The Hoboken Reporter, representing it as a "screen shot" of a post about a gas chamber.

Right side: GA's actual page of the HUMC story with graphics of Nurse 'Kevorkian' Mason is on the right side below.

left panel: Barracato's doctored screenshot submitted to the Hoboken Reporter,         right panel: GA's actual page

Wow.  What a schmuck.  That is a wicked thing to do.  And puts The Hoboken Reporter in legal peril.

How much tainted material have they already received from this source for their coming article? From the questions the HR sent to both Horsey and I, it looks like quite a bit.

Did the Hoboken Reporter fall for THIS fraud?

How many reporters did Barracato disseminate his Photoshop which mis-characterized and defamed this blog and myself?

Did Barracato give this to Stephen LaMarca? 

Thank goodness for the person who verified it's accuracy with me.

Now The Hoboken Reporter KNOWS that this source has falsified this 'evidence' to create a hateful narrative for his boss, Beth Mason (a Hoboken Reporter advertiser).  Now they know Barracato gave them doctored documents, putting them at risk for a defamation claim. 
  •  What are they going to do next? 
  • Will The Hoboken Reporter continue to use a source who has lied to them, who has been proven to fabricate and falsify materials for their stories? 
  • What other fraudulent documents or falsified information has this source given them on their story about bloggers?  
GA and Da Horsey will be scouring their piece for any false or defamatory claims.

With the publication on this blog,the public will see  that The Hoboken Reporter has been given doctored documents by the underling of Beth Mason to destroy us and clear a path before her run for State Assembly.

Nice try.

Stephen, if you want to get in touch, I will tell you how duplicitous Barracato is (I have stories which you can check) and we may start our relationship over on a better footing. Trusting this source will only get you burned.  Again and again.

Once more, the post pitched as  'Nazi discourse' in fact skewered Beth Mason as 'Nurse Kevorkian' hosting a 'Meet and Greet' for Hoboken University Medical Center (intended) victims.  Remember, Mason spent a year furiously trying to kill the hospital sale.  Then after it sold, Mason donned a NURSE costume and marched in a parade!  (GA heard this enraged real HUMC nurses whom she'd tormented for months)

So, there you go.  Electronic fingerprints left by Beth Mason's flunkie, James Barracato, on a vicious, dirty, nasty, wicked Nazi smear campaign.  Done for The Hoboken Reporter.

And here he is... a guy who tried to frame GA, to make something from nothing.

Trust him again?


  1. Thankfully the people Mason hires aren't all that smart!

    1. You said it.

      This is pathetic and disgusting and immoral and profane scheme to slander a mom (me) for exercising my First Amendment rights- by exploiting the Holocaust, no less.

      Yep, thank goodness he's a doofus.

    2. Do you really expect dishonest people to do anything but continue to be dishonest?

  2. Mason loves to splash in the deep end of the cesspool. In addition to the disturbed Callichio who stalks children (and whose paid position as Masonite probably puts his subsidized living in jeopardy), she has the off-balance Bajardi to craft libelous bilge on blogs, she also has Barracato to spin lies, steal copyrighted imagery and pedal it to a local press that is only to happy to collude with these low-lifes.

    Constantly using one of the worst chapters in human history, Mason - who claims to be Jewish when it suits her, seeks to exploit the genocide of millions of European Jews to attack a Jewish blogger through a local paper owned by a Jew - all for political gain and to satisfy her craven lust for power.

    Her rabbi should rein her in and the NJDC should know what their girl is up to now.

    1. I've already contacted Rabbi Scheinberg but our communications are private.

      This exploitation of the Holocaust for political gain, using it to smear a Jew (and a horse), is revolting beyond words.

    2. Perhaps the Rabbi can reach Mason and make her understand she is doing extreme damage to herself, her daughters, her community and other Jewish people.

      So great is her pathology that I don't have much hope that she will stop.

      Scheinberg should ask Beth & Ricky Mason to stop attending services until they can behave honestly, ethically and morally. Their presence at USH is not welcome by the other congregants and some have fled to the less "Conservadox" synagogue in Jersey City.

    3. I can't discuss my exchange with the Rabbi, but (personally) agree with you.

      Exploiting the Holocaust for political ends is vile. Mason and Barracato are disgraceful.

    4. Yes, and when those who survived or bore witness to the Holocaust say "never forget", Beth and Ricky Mason's exploitation is not what they had in mind. She has no shame, no conscience and no right to call herself a Jew.

  3. GA, at the next CC meeting how about during the public comments section you demand an apology and demand Mason stop being so dishonest. Might also want to suggest she stop paying all these scummy people to do her dirty work.

    1. Sounds like a plan. I'll bring my easel.

  4. Bad FinBoy, very bad. Hoisted on your own petard by a girl.

    Beth Mason and James Barracato tried to make a Nazi stew of reform writers and instead are shown to be incompetent masters of sleaze.

    That's too bad.

  5. Are you listening, BRIAN STACK? This is YOUR running mate - Beth Mason.

    -Once again caught red-handed using the holocaust in a publicity stunt.

    -Actively planting vicious smears in the newspaper.

    -Surrounding herself with utter riff-raff. Not because we say so - James Barracato, Matt Calicchio, and Lane Bajardi all have very public records of contempt for the law and public decency.

    YOUR running mate, Stack.

    How bad do you need the money? Think this is over? Not by a long shot. When it comes to bad publicity, Beth is a freaking hemophiliac. She will continue to try to stop the bleeding with money. Like the ads she buys in the Hoboken Reporter that allow her to run these fake news pieces.

    Think you won't get splattered? Word to the wise. Don't wear white.


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