Barracato's Letter to the ADL

GA was fascinated to learn that James Barracato, a Hoboken resident living in Weehawken, wrote a letter to the Anti-Defamation League complaining about yours truly! 

Well, GA has obtained an exclusive copy of the Barracato letter! 
Dear Mr./Ms. ADL,

I hear you Jews believe in a merciful God, so please have mercy on me.

I have spent the last week scanning GA's blog- over 1,100 posts- to nail her as a Nazi but couldn't find a fucking thing. When I told my boss Councilwoman Beth Mason, she threw a saucer at my head which left a dent the shape of Rhode Island.

"You'd better find something or next time that crater in your head will look like Texas!"

Mr./Ms. Jew-guy, she means it.   

Do you know after the stunt to get GA arrested for a blog post failed she jumped on my foot wearing cleats?  My foot resembled a waffle iron for a month and I couldn't take my girl dancing (see above).

Then there was the stunt to have GA thrown off the Zoning Board... did you know my comrade Lane Bajardi toted a color xerox of a turd around in his briefcase to public meetings like a naval officer carrying nuclear codes?   Bajardi gave them out to the media- it was so stupid even The Hoboken Reporter took a pass.

Well, Boss Mason was so PISSED we failed to get GA booted off the ZBA that I told everyone GA was "appointed by the Mayor" (LIE)- not by unanimous City Council vote (TRUE).  

"Weehawken Trout, I'm warning you... get her off the Zoning Board or I squeeze your nuts in my nutcracker till they burst!"

Then Boss Mason threw a 12-person set of silver forks at my head but thank goodness, only 5 pierced my thighs and 2 got my abdomen. (The one that skewered my crotch required me to get full surgical reconstruction- things haven't 'worked' quite the same down there since.)  Do I have to talk about THAT? It's embarrassing. But it did get me 'Handicapped Driver' plates so now I can park in Hoboken. 

Well, here's where YOU come in Mr./Ms. Jew-guy.

My boss Beth Mason decided once and for all to go after the bloggers in Hoboken.  And we LOVE  the whole Nazi- thing.  That's the BEST way to smear someone!

We did it to GA before, remember?  

Yeah, and GA found out how we used Larry Stempler, my boss's donor and fundraiser in our Nazi-smear plot and contacted all 38 members of the NJDC Board of Directors AND its 2 Senate sponsors! Boy, did THAT stunt BACKFIRE. GA humiliated my boss, Beth Mason!

"I am the VICTIM!  Me, me, me! Make sure everyone knows WHO the victim is!  That's what I pay you for. Now go make me a victim of a Nazi-smear campaign!  Or you'll be wearing that..."

And she pointed to a stuffed, wall-mounted deer head.

You'd better believe my boss Beth Mason got me so terrified that I spent 7 days and 7 sleepless nights scouring GAs blog (it's really funny- have you read it?) until... I found the words "gas chamber"!

Of course, I had to pull these 2 words out of context, remove all eight images, remove text and remove the title Nurse Kevorkian To Meet and Greet Victims to completely rob it of it's context. Here's what Al Sullivan wrote about the doctored screenshot I submitted to his newspaper, The Hoboken Reporter:
The phrase was minus the images and the other references so it was out of context.
Enough said?  

Now I am writing you Mr./Ms. ADL- Boss Mason and I know how this stuff pushes your buttons- BEGGING you to condemn GA so I won't have to wear that frigging deer head.

You know, some people call me a scumbag.  I call it a living.

"You're supposed to PLANT stories in the press you imbecile, NOT be in them! I'm going to have to buy MORE ads to keep MY name OUT. You incompetent fool. Some covert, behind-the-scenes operative YOU are. Now wear THAT, Bambi!

Please have mercy on me!  Please condemn GA!  And I've got more good Nazi-stuff coming- the next one is about a HORSE.

Love you Jews,

James Barracato,
Beth Mason webmaster and paid political operative (The Hoboken Reporter left out that part!)


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