Baby Turns 1

-Reformerus Giganticus, May 26, 2011

Can you believe it?

It's been a whole year since City Hall's IT office was padlocked, Patrick Ricciardi suspended, Hoboken's servers (35 hard drives!) seized, Ricciardi arrested, the Russo Civic Association shuttered, John Corea's subsequent plea deal (and sentencing), and the investigation is still alive...

With rumors it's headed to other institutions of government (HHA? BoE?) and reports to GA that one elected official shows "all the signs" that he/she's been "talked to again"- what does it all mean?

Well, the swagger has crept back into the step of many here who think it's all over.

And that's what they (the Feds) like to see.

So, if you-all recall, it was the City Council meeting of May 18, 2011 that City Hall videographer, Patrick Ricciardi was a no-show at; note the poor quality of that meeting's U-stream video (and audio)- and the missing portion at the start.

And the next day, May 19 2011- one YEAR ago today- Hoboken woke up to an FBI investigation.

Patch-May 26, 2011

FBI Raid at City Hall Tied to IT Office Investigation

FBI agents are at City Hall Thursday morning at the request of city officials, Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin confirmed.

Tabakin said that the agents at the city’s information technology office as part of an on-going investigation into an alleged breach in electronic communications. Tabakin said he is not at liberty to say which city employees are involved in the investigation or how many employees are being investigated.

 FBI agents were seen on the third floor of City Hall shortly before 11 a.m. on Thursday in front of the IT office. Computers were being removed from the office.

Tabakin said that the investigation involves a Title 18 violation. Title 18 of the U.S. Code covers a variety of computer fraud related crimes. Covered under the law, includes unlawful or unauthorized use of a federal government computer or a computer containing federal data, use of a computer to obtain financial data or personal information stored on the computer and the use of a computer for disclosing classified data.
More on what the FBI took:

 The Hoboken Reporter, November 25, 2011-

What exactly did the FBI take from Hoboken?

A response to an Open Public Records Act request filed by The Reporter shows exactly what the FBI seized during the May 26 raid, and the items taken from City Hall seem to resemble those of a Best Buy department store.

Forty-five DVD’s were taken from City Hall by the agents, according to the inventory sheet. The sheet does not state which movies were taken. The agents also took five CD’s, including one labeled “My Stuff.” The agents seized a Galaxy Tablet, which, according to, goes for anywhere between $500 and $600. Also taken were six cell phones (three Blackberry’s and three Sprint phones).

Four laptops, six service tags, and 35 hard drives were also removed from the Information Technology office, according to the inventory sheet.
So have a slice of cake today with a single candle in it, as Baby Turns 1.


  1. Last year was just the appetizer in the bountiful buffet of crimes to be prosecuted. While we know the feds need to proceed in a way that is lawful and that will make the charges ultimately stick, this does take time.

    While we're waiting for the dessert course, it's great that GA and MSV continue to expose the lies, deceptions and corrupt dealings of the Old Guard and the council minority. Especially since the local rag has abandoned any resemblance to a legitimate press.

    Not just the new blunders they serve up very frequently, but also the old corrupt machinations that some recent arrivals may not know of. This education of the public coupled with voter registrations are needed to stop Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano from winning any future election with their illegal vote harvesting techniques.


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