Timmy Votes for the Rats

In a decision sure to be very unpopular with his 4th Ward constituents, last night Councilman Tim Occhipinti voted down funding to raze the fire-gutted building on First and Jackson Streets.

The boarded- up rat trap- both  an eyesore and a hazard to passers-by, has stood in it's present condition since the December fire that destroyed it and left it's tenants homeless.  4th Ward residents are quite upset  one citing, "This is a serious health and safety issue for our neighborhood."

The same resident implied that the socioeconomic status of the surrounding demographic was the reason for the inaction: "If this structure existed anywhere else in Hoboken, it would have been demolished,"

Irate resident, I have another reason for the inaction: Tim Occhipinti.

Because last night he voted DOWN $95K contained in the $750K emergency budget appropriations for the Jackson Street building demolition.

Yep, YOUR Councilman.

Now, Timmy TALKS a good game, but that's ALL he does. Here's what he told Patch on February 6th:
Councilman Tim Occhipinti, who represents the area where the building stands on First and Jackson Streets, said he would like to see a small park be built there, as well as across the street. 

"The city should be looking to acquire this land," Occhipinti said in a phone interview late last week. "Eventually," he continued, "I'd like to see a pocket park where the building burned down."
Timmy the TALKER.

Hey Tim, if you're going to talk the TALK, how about VOTING where your mouth is?

Because you didn't vote FOR the park, you voted FOR the RATS. 

You can't have BOTH.  If you really meant what you said, you'd have voted to get rid of the health and safety hazard on First and Jackson, to make way for that park you TALKED the TALK about.

Nope, Tim voted for the RATS instead of the PARK.

Well, GA's got another Timmy exclusive: a letter to his constituents explaining his vote:


  1. Can we officially call it the Occhipinti Civic Association?


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