Timmy Attacks Kids First

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Last night an elected official on the City Council singled out 5 members of our non-partisan School Board, attacking them.. on Facebook.

Do we call this breech of protocol the echo of an empty vessel?  Or the cynical calculus of a money-gobbling politi-ho?

Let's ask the character-assassin himself.  Timmy Occhipinti. 

Here's what he Facebooked:
“Councilwoman Marsh and Councilman Cunningham just ran out of city council chambers to avoid quorum for tonight’s meeting. We added a resolution to Let the People Decide when to hold school board elections. We are calling for a November referendum so the voters in the city of Hoboken can decide for themselves! The Kids First school board majority want to take the right to vote on a school board budget away from you!"

Wow.  Who knew Timmy ever THOUGHT about the Hoboken Board of Education or the public schools?

I mean, has he ever shown up at a School Board meeting?  Does he even know where the School Board  meets?

No, Tim, not under a 4th Ward of Jersey City N.J. Transit overpass in the country of Hoboken.

Timmy is dumber than a head of cabbage.  I guaranty he hasn't read the NJDOE memo on School Board elections and doesn't know that he's spouted gibberish.

A couple of things, Timmy.
  • Did you know as of today, 144 NJ School Boards have voted to move their elections to November, and the list grows daily.
    • Did you know that the Board of Education  has kept the budget FLAT through 3 cycles  (coincides with the Kids First 'takeover' of the majority).
    • Did you know that if the  proposed budget exceeds the law's 2% cap even by 1 penny- that triggers a ballot referendum so YES, the voters will speak.  Otherwise, it passes without referendum.  (Hey Tim, you suppose the voters are going to reject a FLAT budget? Do you think we should spend a dime of taxpayer money on holding elections for budgets that keep our tax levy flat?)
    • Did you know that (per a source) that Hoboken voters have never rejected a school budget?
    • Did you know you're dumber than bag of alfalfa sprouts?
    Jeez, Timmy.

    Attacking sitting School Board members based on your presumption of a political alliance which exists within your sparsely seeded dome?  That is bush-league.

    And you collect a salary.  They DON'T.

    All of the members, all NINE of them should be commended for their volunteer service and enormous amounts of time and stepping UP to take responsibility for such a vital role- the education of our children.

    You should THANK them. ALL NINE.

    As a City Councilman,  it's DISGRACEFUL to ATTACK School Board members.

    Even Beth Mason has the sense to farm out her dirt work to 'the help'.  You have lowered your office. That was not only undignified, it was offensive to those who give of themselves for our kids.

    You should apologize. To those individuals working hard, sacrificing family time to attend committee meetings and board meetings.  You should thank the entire board for their work.

    And remember the BoE is non-partisan.  Keep your politics to yourself.


    1. Timmy was Facebooking and sending / receiving texts during another council meeting? Jeez. Boys and their toys. I can see why Mrs. Richard G. Mason would like a warm, vibrating appliance at the ready, but Timmy too? Yes, Timmy too. He can't farm out his dirty work as HE IS the help.

      By the way, GA, did you see on Patch that the unibrownoser, Lane Bajardi aka "Prosbus" thinks we're one and the same? He compliments me and I'm so happy to contribute to his sleepless nights.

    2. GA, MBB suggests alfafa sprouts possess some essential fiber. The same cannot be said of Mr. O, though MBB concurs a comparison with the intelligence of a vegetable is apt.

      How amusing, that Bajardi alleges Oracle & GA to be one & the same! Yet another example of his rampant narcissism & distorted world view. If he has multiple screen names, of course everyone must have them too!

    3. Oracle, first of all, that is a huge compliment (I am unworthy)if only it came from a source whose neurons weren't all firing away at each other. Ah, well. Mason's appliance? She calls it 'Tickle Me Lane'.

      He/she/it Bajardi and Draculette also think I'm 'This Means War'- another compliment. It's pretty cuckoo...

      MBB, too funny!

      1. MBB suggests her favorite tool is the coin-operated, Whisper Down the Lane, which comes included with the Curious Girl attachment. At additional cost, the novelty Krazy Klaussen Pickle, Inflatable Shark, & Gumby attachments.
        (All only operable with frequent, copious application of the luxuriously rich Ricky-Lube.)

        Really, who needs Snooki when there's so much perversity in Hoboken already?

    4. So he reads the comments here and talks about it on Patch? The twins must hate how they can't just ban people like the good old days. It just ain't right.

      1. So true. For the record, GA is an amazingly talented and courageous woman from outside our fair city and I'm a local boy, part Italian, born at St. Mary's, disgusted with all that is sick and wrong with Hoboken as Mrs. Richard G. Mason and her sychophants would have it. I'm so happy to contribute to the Bajardi family's ultimate fall from disgrace to the 9th circle of Hell that for them, may be the lockup.


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